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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 14


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Cancer described: The sign Cancer is pale red in hue, resides in forests, Brahmin by caste and is strong in the night. It is many footed and has a bulky body; it is Sattwika in disposition, its element is water; it rises with its back and the Moon has been regarded as its Lord.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and its symbol is the Crab. Cancer is a Water sign, supportive and emotional.

Cancer is the sign of emotional sensitivity and sympathy. This sign, more than any other, is associated with domestic security and homemaking. Cancer native are known for being very complex and often difficult to understand due to their ever changing mood swings. One minute they can be cranky and combative and the next they may seem the sweetest and most caring individuals.

Cancer native have a highly developed instinct for self-defense that protects them from their inner vulnerability and shyness. Like a Crab’s shell, their personalities often project a tough exterior within which they can retreat to. When hurt, Cancer native often react by withdrawing and sulking, a tactic that they have refined to perfection. Cancer native can be extremely stubborn and child-like, and do not usually give in until they get their way.

But underneath lies a softer side, a gentle, sensitive and emotional interior. Cancer’s are by nature caring and protective. Their maternal instincts lead them to form life-long bonds and not just with family members, but anyone they come to care about deeply. Their main drive in life is to establish domestic security for themselves and for those around them. Cancer native desire wealth only as a means to achieve this stability and to have money for a rainy day. They are very fond of the past and are very aware of their family lineage.

Their great sensitivity makes Cancer native almost impossible to deceive. Also, they have their own way of doing things. Like a Crab’s walk, their direction is often sideways and ambiguous, but they almost certainly reach their goals. If they can learn to temper their moodiness, Cancer native can channel their great energies into positive directions. If one can learn to approach them, they can be loyal and devoted allies at work or at play.

Cancer Sign in the Ascendant

If the fourth sign (Cancer) is in the ascendant, the native is timid and kind hearted and dwells in many places; an intelligent but fickle man whose nature is inwardly coarse; one who worships and gives gifts to gods and Brahmans;

A wise man pained by diseases of the genitals; one who carries collections of stone-weights and merchandise; a slow person who enjoys actions involving the expenditure of other people’s money; a man engaged in righteousness (dharma) who is of a phlegmatic and windy humour;

One who is to be honoured among tribes and speaks a lot; a lover who delights in firm embraces, but has a bad wife; a man whose wife is from a despised and unsuitable family; one whose few sons are depraved and whose relatives have ruined characters;

A man who sires daughters, has many foes, and wears armour for battle; one who travels in foreign lands and whose deeds are bold and firm; a man possessing an endless number of buffaloes, herbs, women, ornaments, clothes, and vehicles;

One who dies because of Raksas, dogs, Candalas, Pisacas, low people, ropes, the breaking of bones, wind (-diseases), thefts (?), and faults, or from an excess of phlegm, or from the cutting down of his body, or from a fistula in the anus (bhagandara).

The Pure Cancer Native

He reacts to his emotions rather than his reason, though he will seek to rationalize his instinctively obtained ideas. Even so, he will say, “I feel that,” rather than, “I think that.” Towards people he likes, he will be sympathetic, protective and guarding, while as regards things, he will have a natural instinct towards collecting. This may lead to the collection of any rare and interesting things, or may be no more than the urge to let things collect, so that clutter never gets thrown away. He is a great home-lover. Like the crab, he needs the shelter of his own shell; He is patriotic about his own country, and devoted to his own family. It is the “me and mine” sign. “He” is good in business and “she” in the home because the innate protectiveness makes both of them cautious and economical. Memory will be good. This Water sign is like a calm deep lake with its sudden storms.

In love he is emotional and tender; maternal if a woman, protective if a man, easily offended, becoming moody and even sullen, but eager to make it up again.

Overstress or misuse of these traits will mean fussiness and restlessness, the “clucking-hen” type. Morbid touchiness and over-sensationalism can occur.


Inhibition of his natural traits will be caused by being subjected to an over-rational life without anyone to “have and to hold.” Lack of “nippers” in the slang term will mean that the crabby nippers will snap at the nearest victim.

As a child, the Cancer native is lovable because usually devoted to home and parents. When naughty, the appeal should be made to his feelings rather than to his reason. “It makes Mummy unhappy if you do so and so.” Though he may have moods of snappiness, those in charge should think twice before them “snap” back. Hurts go deep and are remembered and brooded over. The frequent request of “Tell me a story” should be complied with as often as possible, as the Cancer native’s vivid imagination needs paths in which to wander.


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