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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 35


Dr. Shanker Adawal

More detailed discussion on The Nodes:

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Rahu and Ketu, the Moon’s Nodes, are not planets. They are the two points of intersection of the plane of orbit of the Moon upon the Ecliptic-which is the apparent circuit of the Sun as viewed from us here on Earth. Therefore Rahu and Ketu are not really planets and ought to be judged and interpreted in a different way. Yet in India they are considered as planets in order to simplify astrological interpretation. Rahu and Ketu have no life and radiating power by themselves. They just serve to mark the high or low point in a natal or navamsa charts and when a planet and especially Sun or Moon conjoin them an eclipse usually occurs. Rahu and Ketu have been termed the Karmic Planets of Astrology and their depositors have gained the category of Karmic Controlling Planets. Yet we should not forget that Saturn, a real planet, is the principal significator of Karma and reincarnation-good or bad-because it is the universal significator of time (along with Moon), knowledge, esoteric, secret, mystery, sacrifice, penance, mourning and suffering. Because Rahu and Ketu are only two mere Lunar points of reference and sensitive conducts of cosmic energies their influence in astrological delineation and divination can be certainly interesting, provocative and wonderful, but likewise limited and superficial, if we forget Saturn’s role. For example, the angularity of Saturn in a nativity, Capricorn in the Ascendant and Saturn conjunct Moon, all force the native to take an interest in Karma and reincarnation. Ketu or Rahu in the Ascendant do not give any particular curiosity in death, liberation and transmutation. If Rahu and Ketu are vargottam in the navamsa chart and are conjunct or oppose the Luminaries, also vargottam, and one of these is also the lord of the 10th House in the navamsa or natal chart, a grand Rajyoga takes place. The same rule applies if Sun or Moon is the lord of the 1st House. If Sun is vargottam and in the navamsa chart is placed in the foreground in conjunction with a unaffiliated Rahu and the Sun is the lord of the 10th house in the navamsa or natal chart a Rajyoga can be accounted for. However, the nakshatra ruling navamsa Rahu is of the utmost importance for weighing Rahu quality. When 28 and not 27 nakshatras are considered, then the ones ruled by Rahu (Ardra, Svati, Satabhisaj) and Ketu (Magha, Mula, Asvini), if found in the foreground of a navamsa chart contribute notably to either uplift or downgrade the native. Abhijit is the 20th nakshatra, ruled by Moon, just as Sravana, the 21th one, is the lunar mansion where perhaps Rahu and Ketu have the greatest impact. In the complete list of 28 nakshatras Abhijit rules over the buttocks, a most erotic part of the anatomy, which strikingly resembles the lunar crescent. Since the anus is also connected with defecation and foul smell the Ancients must have related Abhijit with eclipse, darkness and dead end.

Significations and significators belonging to Rahu are: (1) Umbrella (2) Chowrie (3) kingdom (4) gathering (5) fallacious argument (6) hurting by speech (7) downcast (8) wicked woman (9) decorated vehicle (10) an irreligious man (11) gambling (12) strong at twilight (13) intriguing with a wicked woman (14) going abroad (15) impurity (16) bone (17) enlargement of spleen (18) falsehood (19) downward look (20) perplexity (21) emerald (22) facing the Southern quarter (23) shelter of outcaste or low people (24) painful swelling (25) a big forest (26) wandering in rugged places (27) mountain (28) pain (29) staying outside (30) tending towards South-West (31) wind (32) phlegm (33) sorrow (34) serpent (35) night breeze (36) sharpo (37) long (38) reptile (39) reading of dreams (49) travel (41) a Muhurta (42) old age (43) a vehicle (44) world of serpents (45) mother (46) father or maternal grand-father (47) air (48) an acute or sharp pain (49) catarrh (50) breathing (51) great prowess (52) forest (53) worshipper of Goddess Durga (54) wickedness (55) cohabitation with quadrupeds (56) Urdu script (58) harsh words.

Further discussion on significations:

Rahu: Distribution, release, outflow, discharge, exhalation. One shares with Rahu or rather through Rahu what one acquired, grasped or sucked through Ketu. High power, it is prestige, honour, renown and luminosity at its greatest. It is the point of contact with elevated thoughts, ideas, and emotions. A planet in conjunction with Rahu is therefore elevated and supremely dynamited It is new luster, brilliance, richness. It is newness, freshness, greenness, youthfulness, also colour, sound, perfume-life and rejoicing, in short, come into being thanks to Rahu. Rahu conquers, gains, triumphs. It is a royal point, a Solar and Jupiter’s point, and a Karmic point. A Rahu transit is always a boost and a Rahu Dasa or bhukti are times for creativity and growth.

The constellation and house where Rahu, the North Node of the Moon or Head of the Dragon is found, will indicate where the subject develops his inspiration, where he or she concretize their knowledge, where they give fulfillment to what they have learned from professors, parents, friends, spouses, or through accidents, pains, honours, sicknesses, trips, love affairs, studies, jobs, etc. At this point the subject realizes himself or herself in the world. He or she brings the wisdom of heaven to the earth. If it were not for the North Node, one would not be able to put plans into practice nor help humanity. In this case Jupiter’s lordship over Rahu means materialization of abstraction. Rahu will demonstrate how, when and why our dreams can or cannot be put into practice.


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