Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 74


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Effects of Hora-(s)

Hora in Aries

If the first Hora of Aries ascends at birth, the native will roll his eyeballs unnecessarily, be cruel, rich, very bright in appearance, will have a fierce wife, be tall, irascible and be a leader of thieves.

If the second Hora of Aries ascends at birth, the native will be a thief, be careless, will have afflicted foot, fingers etc., large eyes and tall stature and be very intelligent.

Hora in Taurus

If the first Hora of Taurus ascends at birth, the native will be dark in complexion, will have broad eyes, fore face and chest, be eminent, disposed to carnal pleasures and will have strong bones and strong physique.

If the second Hora of Taurus ascends at birth, he will have broad, long and round (i.e. muscular) limbs, be liberal, will have attractive hair, thin waist and eyes, akin to that of an ox.

Hora in Gemini

If the first Hora of Gemini be the Ascendant, the native will have a long waist, be very skilful, will have a moderate physique and soft hair and feet, be courageous and fond of sexual union, be wealthy and learned.

Born in the second Hora of Gemini, one will have beautiful and large eyes, be sensuous, soft, be a gifted speaker and be attached to others housewives.

Hora in Cancer

If the birth be in the first half of Cancer, one will be endowed with elevated body, (i.e. be prominent in appearance), a beautiful head, eminence and intelligence, be weak sighted, will have limbs moving off and on, be crafty, dark in complexion, ungrateful and will have broken teeth.

If the birth be in the second half of Cancer, he will be fond of gambling and travels, will have a broad chest, be quite truthful, irascible and will have a harsh physique.

Hora in Leo

One born in the first Hora of Leo will have blood-red eyes, be bold, be endowed with a large and long physique, be crooked, happy and decidedly firm in his undertakings.

One born in the later half of Leo will be fond of women, sweets, foods, drinks and robes will move frequently, will have a harsh physique, be liberal, fond of travels, will have a few sons, will enjoy pleasures and be firm in friendship.

Hora in Virgo

If the birth be in the initial half of Virgo, the native concerned will have a soft and beautiful body, be a sweet speaker, be fond of music, females and sexual union, be sweet, fortunate and excellent.

Born in the second half of Virgo one will be short-stature, will have knowledge of Hatha Yoga and Vedas, will possess a big head, be agreeable, argumentative, learned in service, drawing and writing, will have chequered prosperity and (yet) be happy.

Hora in Libra

If the first Hora of Libra ascends at birth one will have a round face, elevated nose and back and large eyes, be sportive, will have a strong body and strong bones, be wealthy and will be affectionate to his men.

If the second Hora of Libra ascends at birth, he will be very wealthy, will have firm wealth, will be endowed with black and curly hair, be crafty, round-eyed, will have a strong lower body and attractive skin and will have defective feet.

Hora in Scorpio

One born in the first half of Scorpio will have blood-red eyes, be adventurous in acts, be valorous in battle, wicked, fond of females and be rich.

If born in the second half of Scorpio, one will have broad, well grown, long and fleshy limbs, will serve a king, will have many debts and many friends and will possess blown eyes (expanded, as a flower).

Hora in Sagittarius

One born in the first half of Sagittarius will possess a wide and split face and chest, with eyes and neck contracted (i.e. small), will be discarded by elders in boyhood and be pious.

If the later half of Sagittarius rises, one will possess eyes akin to the petals of a lotus and long arms, will have knowledge of Shastras, be good in appearance, will speak sweetly, be fortune and famous.

Hora in Capricorn

If the first half of Capricorn be on the Ascendant, the native will be dark in complexion, will possess eyes, like that of a deer, be fortunate, will conquer women, be beautiful, crafty, opulent, will eat purified food, will do good acts and will have elevated nose.

If born in the second half of Capricorn one will have blood-red eyes, be indolent, be interested in long travels, be foolish, dark in complexion, will have a hairy physique, be clever and fierce.

Hora in Aquarius

One born in the first half of Aquarius will be endowed with a female and with friends, be a person of tastes, or feelings (or be an alchemist), be soft in disposition, will have a few sons, be virtuous, valorous, will be endowed with physical complexion akin to copper, be radiant and interested in travels.

If born in the second half of Aquarius, one will have copper-brilliant eyes, be emaciated, firm, very insignificant in appearance, indolent, not outspoken, very dejected, miserly and very crafty.

Hora in Pisces

One born in the first 15 degrees of Pisces will be short-stature, be endowed with broad and beautiful body, a large fore face, large face and broad chest, be dear to women, b e very famous, skilful and valorous.

If born in the second Hora of Pisces, one will be liberal, will have an elevated nose, be skilful, intelligent, will possess charming eyes be dear to king and will speak affably.

P-The (good effects) due to a Hora will come to pass in full measure, if either the Sun, or the Moon is strong in aspect to the Ascendant Lord, or, if the Ascendant Lord is himself in an Angle.


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