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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 49


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of Planets – Especially in Ascendant

The effects of the planets and the zodiacal Signs accrue to all and at all times. Let us attempt to explain these according to the teachings of the rest of the preceptors.

1. Effects of the Sun

The Sun in Aries

One, who has the Sun in Aries will comment on the meanings of Shastras, be famous in arts, fond of war, fierce, attached to his duty, fond of roaming, will have strong bones, be good in deeds, will do valorous acts, will be subjected to bilious and blood disorders, be splendorous and strong. The native will also become a king.

The Sun in a Sign of Mars in Aspect to Others

Should the Sun be in a sign of Mars (i.e. either in Aries, or in Scorpio) and be aspected by the Moon, the native will be interested in giving away gifts, will have many servants, be charming, be dear to fair sex and will have a soft physique.

Should the Sun be in a sign of Mars and be aspected by Mars, the native will display his courage in battle, be cruel, will possess eyes, hands and legs of blood-red colour, be splendourous and strong.

Should the Sun be in a sign of Mars and be aspected by Mercury, the subject will be a servant, will do others jobs, will not have much wealth, be devoid of strength, be subjected to much grief and will possess a dirty body.

Should the Sun be in a sign of Mars and Jupiter aspects the so placed Sun, the native will have plenty of money, will donate, be a King’s minister, a judge and a supreme person.

If Venus aspects the Sun posited in a House of Mars, the native will be the husband of a bad woman, will have many enemies, but few relatives (or not well-placed relatives), be poor and will suffer from leprosy.

In case Saturn aspects the Sun in a sign of Mars, the native will be subjected to grief on account of physical ailments, will have intense passion in his undertaking, be dull-witted and a dunce.

The Sun in the Sign Taurus

This indicates, that the native will have troubles from disease of face and eyes, will endure difficulties, will have an emaciated body, will not have many sons, will be beautiful (also means fortunate, nice, handsome etc.), will possess decorum, be wise, will hate barren (or confined) women, be endowed with eatables, garlands, robes and scents, will have knowledge of singing, playing musical instruments and dancing and will face risk from water.

The Sun in a Sign of Venus in Aspect to Others

One, who has the Sun is a Rasi of Venus aspected by the Moon will be addicted to prostitutes, will be soft spoken, will have many women, as dependents and will derive livelihood through water.

If Mars is aspecting the Sun in a sign of Venus, the subject will be brave, fond of battle, bright in appearance, will earn wealth and fame out of his valour and will be deformed.

Should it be Mercury, that aspects the Sun in a sign of Venus, one will be skilful in drawing, writing, poetry, authorship, singing etc. and will possess a good physique.

If Jupiter should lend his aspect to the Sun in Libra, or Taurus, the subject will have many foes and friends, be a kings, minister, will have beautiful eyes, be splendorous and will be a pleased ruler.

When Venus aspects the Sun in Libra, or Taurus, one will be a king, or a kings minister, be endowed with wife, wealth and pleasure galore, be wise and timid.

Saturn aspecting the Sun in fall, or in Taurus denotes, that the native will be mean, indolent, will cohabit with aged women, will be wicked and will be troubled by diseases.

The Sun in Gemini

The native will be a scholar, be sweet in speech, affectionate (particularly to ones offspring), will have good conduct, be expert in profane knowledge and also in Sastras, be exceedingly affluent, liberal, skillful, be an astrologer, be mediocre in appearance, will have two mothers, be fortunate and modest.

The Sun in Gemini in Aspect to Others

Should the Sun be in Gemini, or Virgo be aspected by the Moon, the native will be put to troubles by enemies and relatives, will be distressed by visits to foreign countries, and will in general be wailing.

The Sun in a House of Mercury and in aspect to Mars denotes, that the subject will have fear from enemies, will be encountered by quarrels, will be grieved on account of loss in a war, be poor and bashful.

Should Mercury aspect the Sun posited in Gemini, or Virgo, the subject will have a history akin to that of a king, will be famous, be endowed with relatives, free from enemies, but will encounter eye diseases.

Jupiter aspecting the Sun in a sign of Mercury foretells, that the native will have knowledge of many Shastras, be a kings messenger (or representative), will go to foreign countries, be fierce and be always bewildered.

If Venus aspects the Sun, posited in sign of Mercury, the native will be endowed with money, wife and sons, will make less friends, be free from sickness, be happy and fickle minded.

Should Saturn aspect the Sun in Gemini, or Virgo, the native will have many servants, be anxious (as for an absent lover), will maintain many relatives, will remain delighted and will be crafty.


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