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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 64


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of Jupiter in Various Signs

Jupiter in Aries, If Jupiter is posited in Aries at birth, one will be argumentative in disposition, will acquire precious stones and ornaments out of his efforts, will be endowed with strength, sons and wealth, will have eminent and famous profession, be splendourous, will have many enemies, much expenses and an injured body and will confer fierce and cruel punishments.

Should Jupiter be in Taurus, one will be endowed with a broad body, be corpulent, will honour Brahmins and Gods, be splendourous, fortunate, attached to his wife, be endowed with good appearance, profession, cows and abundant wealth; will possess good articles and ornaments, be distinguished in speech, intelligence and skill; will have political / judicial wisdom, be modest, be endowed with medical accomplishments and be skillful in experiments.

Should Jupiter be in Gemini, the native will be affluent, scholarly, proficient, will possess attractive eyes, be eloquent, courteous, skilful, virtuous, will honour elders and relatives, will be able to utter bejeweled words (be literally rich in words), which are benevolent in nature, be devoted to his duties and be a good poet.

If Jupiter be in Cancer at birth, the native will be a scholar, be beautiful, be highly learned charitable, good-natured, be very strong, be famous, will possess abundant grains and riches, be endowed with truth and penance, will have long-living sons, be honoured by all, will be a king, will have a distinguished profession and will be attached to his friends.

Should Jupiter be in Leo at the time of birth, the native will be lastingly inimical, be strong, courageous, will show abundant friendship, be learned, rich, will have eminent relatives, be a king, will have heroism akin to that of a king, will be recognizable in an assembly, will destroy the entire band of his enemies, will possess a strong physique and will live in hills, fortresses, forests and temples.

If Jupiter occupies Virgo at birth, one will be a scholar, be virtuous, be skilful in his work, be fond of scents, robes and flowers, will firmly gain in undertakings, will have rich experience in Sastras and fine arts, be affluent, charitable, pure-hearted, skilful and wonderfully learned.

If Jupiter occupies Libra at birth, one will be a scholar, will have many sons, be endowed with foreign assignments, will be very affluent, interested in ornaments, modest, will earn money through dance and drama, be pleasing in appearance, be splendourous, learned in Sastras, be superior among his colleague-businessmen, will honour Gods and guests and be very learned.

Should Jupiter at the time of ones birth be in Scorpio, he will be expert in Sastras, be a king, will be a commentator of many Bhasyas (a commentary, which explains Sutras word by word with comments of its own, for example, on Vedas), be skillful, will construct temples and towns, will have many wives, but few sons, b e troubled by diseases, will undergo many difficulties, be very fierce, be ostentatious in his performance, be virtuous and will indulge in contemptuous acts.

If Jupiter occupies Sagittarius at birth, one will be a preceptor, will conduct religious vows, initiations, sacrifices etc., will have lasting wealth, be charitable, be friendly to his own men, be fond of helping others, interested in Shastras, be the head of a zone, or a minister, will live in many countries, will prefer loneliness and be interested in visiting shrines.

Jupiter in Capricorn, Jupiter in Capricorn denotes, that the native will be less virile, will experience much grief and difficulties, will be mean in conduct, be a dunce, will meet a bad end, will suffer from penury, will serve others, will be bereft of auspiciousness, mercy, purity, affection to his relatives and of religion, will have an emaciated body, be timid, interested in living in other countries and be depressed of spirits.

Jupiter in Aquarius, if Jupiter falls in Aquarius at the time of birth, one will be a tale-bearer, be ill disposed, interested in evil jobs, be chief among his racemen, be always attached to base men, be malicious, miserly, will suffer from diseases, will lose wealth on account his own utterances, be devoid of intelligence and virtues and will violate elders beds.

Jupiter in Pisces, if Jupiter is in Pisces at birth, one will be expert in knowing the meanings of Vedas and other Shastras, will be honoured by friends and virtuous people, will be a headsman in the kings employ, be praiseworthy, unconquerable, rich, devoid of fear, be proud, firm in undertakings, be a king, be skillful in policies, training, behaviour and war tactics, be famous and will be calm in his doings.

Jupiter in Aries / Scorpio in Aspect to Others

If Jupiter occupies Aries/Scorpio at birth and is aspected by the Sun, the native will be charitable, will be truthful, will have famous sons, be very fortunate and will have abundant hair on the body.

If Jupiter occupies Aries/Scorpio and is aspected by the Moon, the native will be a historical and poetical water, will be endowed with many precious stones, be dear to women, be a king and be highly learned.

If Jupiter occupies Aries/Scorpio and is aspected by Mars, one is of royal scion, will be valorous, fierce, endowed with knowledge of politics, be modest, affluent and will have a disobedient wife and disobedient servants.

If Jupiter occupies Aries/Scorpio and is aspected by Mercury, the native will be a liar, be crafty, sinful, will be skilful in detecting others defects, will serve others, be grateful, be modest and be not outspoken.

If Jupiter occupies Aries/Scorpio and is aspected by Venus, one will be very happy in respect of residences, sleeping comforts, robes, scents, garlands, ornaments and wife and be very timid.

If Jupiter occupies Aries/Scorpio and is aspected by Saturn, the subject will be dirty, miserly, sharp, adventurous, amiable, famous and will not have lasting children and friendship.


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