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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 47


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Significance of Rahu in 12 zodiacal signs from Lagna

1st House: Sarpa-Dosh, Childless, courageous, some health, weakness and fear, at times very courageous.

2nd House: Little wealth, bad sight, short temper, two wifes, fond of drinks.

3rd House: Rich, few issues, many brothers, affection.

4th House: Broken educations, fond of foreign languages, two partners, and 2 mothers.

5th House: Interest in occult field, difficulty for having issues or male issues, interested mystic thing of this world.

6th House: Healthy, foe less, many cousions, venereal diseases, happy, fond of sex life, many connections.

7th House: Second connection, trouble for wife, particularly health loss of body, diabetes.

8th House: Immoral, quarrelsome, danger to life around 32 or 36 year.

9th House: Uncharitable trouble to father, few children, careless to future.

10th House: Looses partner, tasteful, gaseous disease, wealthy man, writer, connection with wisdom.

11th House: Many sisters and brothers, immoral favour from muslin rulers.

12th House: Misery, few children, defective vision, unhappy in nature in family life, loss of money.

Significance of Ketu in 12 houses from Lagna

1st House: Defective palm, fond of woman, intelligent, waist-pains, disease from poisonous drugs, excessive heat, piles.

2nd House: Sweet speech, short temper, very frugal, break in education.

3rd House: Popular, wide circle of friends and relatives, fond of gems, wealthy, no younger brothers.

4th House: Danger from poison, quarrelsome, sickly mother, licentious.

5th House: Occult interest, female issues, fond of drinks and women, tender head.

6th House: Gradual success, licentious, ventral disease, admired by other sex.

7th House: Connection with maid servants, very passionate, sickly wife, connection with widowers/widows.

8th House: Very healthy body, lack of intelligence, bad eyes, quarrels.

9th House: Blind, liar, many children, relatives, and friends.

10th House: Enjoyable life, baths in holy waters rivers.

11th House: Many friends, wealth, intelligent, all will respect.

12th House: Evolved soul, residence in a far away place, traveling, getting emancipation.

When malefic occupy various Bhavas (other than 6th, 8th and 12th), they bring harm to the Bhavas, while benefics increase their potency. Malefics are auspicious in evil Houses, i.e. 6th, 8th and 12th, while benefics prove adverse in these Bhavas.

According the strength of Yogakaraka planets, their beneficial relationship, friendly / inimical aspects etc. and position in exaltation/debilitation, the (good, or bad) results of Bhavas can vary (i.e. be maximum, medium, or nil).


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