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An Introductory Planets Mercury

An Introductory: Planets Mercury

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun, and astronomically it is referred to as an “inferior” planet that is, its orbit lies between those of Earth and the Sun. It is the smallest of the known planets (only 4,880 kilometres, or 3,000 miles in diameter), and has a year of 88 days-that is the time that it takes to travel round the Sun. So, apart from the Moon, it is the fastest-moving of the bodies used by astrologers, and its movements are comparatively eccentric, for its orbit sometimes takes it to within 47 million kilometers (29 million miles) of the Sun, and some-times whirls it 70 million kilometers (43 million miles) away. As seen from the Earth, however, it is always relatively close to the Sun and never further away than 27o.

The significations and significators, the Mercury rules over: (1) education (2) horses (3) treasury (4) mathematics (5) wisdom, calmness and composure, cheerfulness, (6) speech (7) Brahmin (8) infantry (9) writing (10) new garment (11) palatial building (12) green colour (13) sculpture (14) astrology (15) pilgrimage to holy places (16) wise lectures (17) temple (18) trading (19) best ornaments (20) courteous speech (21) Vedanta philosophy (22) maternal-grand-father (23) bad dreams (24) Eunuch (25) facing North (26) skin, strength in skins, body having sores and itches. (27) wet (28) bell metal (29) renunciation (30) Ritu (season) (31) a beautiful house (32) doctor (33) neck (34) influencing through recitation of mantras (35) child (36) crooked look (37) heaven (38) modesty (39) paternal relation (40) fear (41) dancing (42) devotion (43) humorous temperament (44) powerful in the morning (45) Hemanta Ritu (46) stone to sharpen knives (47) tranquility (48) navel (49) family prosperity (50) mixed items (51) proficient in Telugu language (52) worship of lord Vishnu (5) Sudra i.e. people doing menial work (54) bird (55) after born (56) depth of a language (57) the Directions (58) Atharva Veda (59) religious action (60) tower (61) dust (62) garden (63) pudendum virile (64) even (65) benefic (66) moving in villages (67) impartial nature (68) fond of North-West quarter (69) well versed in the legends of the past (70) specialist in grammar (71) expert in testing of the precious stones (72) a scholar (73) maternal uncle (74) sacred prayer (75) an amulet and (76) spells of a high order.

Note: Mercury is the herald of the day always preceding the Sun. He is always dancing closely around the Sun sometimes preceding, sometimes trailing him (the Sun). Mercury rules the mind-the moral mind-the rational brain, pure reason and ability to think logically. Anatomically he is represented by the cerebrum, the larger part of the brain which may be termed as superior brain.

Vaishya (trader) by caste, It becomes malefic, if associated with malefic planets. It rules authority in village administration, mathematicians, birds. Satvic (pure) guna, smoke coloured garments, back, pupils, canvas, fond of sour things, biped, strength in bright and dark halves, inclined sight, lordship over the North, residence in an artistic home, six rays, eight yojanas in height, blue stones, white corals, glass bangles, betel leaves, fruits having seeds inside them, fruits with bitter tastes, green gram, black paddy, conch pearls, bipeds, many legged creatures and the like.

In the outer world, Mercury signifies schools, colleges and all places where teaching and learning goes on, scientific and literary institutions, printing works, publishing offices and all who are occupied at these places, writers, editors authors, speakers, teachers, professors, men of science, thinkers, lawyers, books, booksellers, post offices, messengers. He has some general significance over merchants of all sorts in so far as they require to exercise skill and intelligence, also in connection with servants, employees, skilled workers and artificers. His colour is yellow and the metal quicksilver, topaz.

In consciousness,it signifies thought, undertaking, intelligence, reason; intellect, the abstract kinds of these rather than the concrete, knowledge for its own sake apart from any practical application or from any question of right or wrong, cunning, craft, subtlety, speech and memory. Its highest application seems to be what is called “poor reason”.

In body it governs the brain and nervous system, the tongue and organs of speech, hands as instruments of intelligence.

More detailed discussion on significations:

Mercury: Intelligence, rationalization, reasoning, calculation, computation, classification, information, cultivation, learning, instruction, education, studiousness, curiosity, tuition, examination, evaluation, screening, questioning. Mercury is the significator of the intellect above all else. It seeks information in order to deal better with reality. Communication the meaning and value of ideas, words, signs, symbols, numbers, expressions and gestures is according to the philologist and etymologist the clue and answer to many if not all aspects of religion, psychology and sociology. The root of a word, the origin of a sound and colour, are for Mercury always in direct rapport with nature and immediate reality. So it believes in correspondences, comparisons, parallelisms, in a multiplicity of channels, corridors, highways, tunnels or airstrips that link the visible with the invisible. It believes in radios, televisions, phonographs and transistors. Also used in telepathy, telekinesis and even levitation. It needs to connect and map out things. It can’t stand silence. It believes in ductility, versatility, flexibility, mobility, as much as the Moon but in a more mental way. Mercury is for change. It is restless and it is the agent of transport, moves, voyage, tourism, hitchhiking, trekking, pilgrimage, and just plain travel. Quick to fly or run it always looks after acquaintances and connections and as a whole, Mercury is incapable of being alone or sad for long. As a result it likes to have a hobby, play an instrument, play games, attend a play and entertain itself as much as possible in order to relax its brain. Amusements and distractions are under its lordship where struggles and hardships are absent. Mercury needs to be occupied; but, on the other hand, it is precisely because of so many interests and occupations, if not of talents for Mercury will be a perpetual adolescent, unable to stick to one course for very long, and not out of rebellion like the Uranus or the Pluto, but because it hasn’t made up its mind yete and it is so much fun to jump, twist, squat, dance and move in all directions and forms! That it falls into contradictions, discontinuities and incoherence’s. It is this immaturity that makes Mercury suitable for a post in a school or university where everybody is still unsure of what it really wants, or where people are trying to connect their broken wires. Dispersion and loquacity make it hard at times for it to convey a sound reasoning. Either it speaks and converses with one and all and it writes in a fluid and easy-to-grasp style or its sentences are filled with grammatical errors. As translators and linguists they excel! As mechanics, drafts men, printers, architects, they excel. They also excel as liars, thieves, robbers, counterfeiters and in conveying good and bad meteorological reports. Mercury types are difficult to seize and size up. They do not possess one face, but many faces and this poly dimensional characteristic is best found in the writer, journalist, editor, newspaper critic, secretary, driver, stewardess, broadcaster, mathematician, etc. However, unlike the Moon, Mercury’s multiple interests are mostly of a mental order and not emotional or sexual. Mercury is a messenger and serves as a plug: it helps put power in the house. When things get rough Mercury puts the lights off and becomes a thief or a romantic Robin Hood who trades money for liberty, because if one thing is sure it is that Mercury loves to trade, interchange, mix, give and take, as if it were playing a game of domino or bridge. When its brain or powers of thought become rusty it falls into states of idiocy, mongolism, and cretinism. But even then its innate childlike nature continues to express itself through pranks or drawings, pastels, carvings and such other craftsmanship’s. Mercury is a child at heart, not only mentally but also physically. It remains young because it is constantly after a mouth to listen to, an ear to speak to or an agenda to fill with dates and observations. It rules over the motor and nervous systems and the memory.


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