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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 7


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Moon

The Moon, the Earth’s only natural satellite, is (for convenience) treated as a planet. However, unlike the “real” planets, it circles the Earth (once every 27 days, 7 hour, 43 minutes and 11 seconds), while the Earth and Moon together circle the Sun. Lit by the Sun’s light, it appears to grow and decrease in size-wax and wane. It is “new” when it is between the Earth and the Sun, and therefore cannot be seen, and is “full” 14 ½ days later, when in full Sunlight.

Because the Moon moves eastwards against the background of the stars, it rises later each night-on average about 50 minutes later, although sometimes it is only 15 minutes and sometimes as much as an hour late. A full Moon always rises at Sunset and sets at Sunrise. When the Moon passes precisely in front of the Sun, there is a solar eclipse-this is a dramatic event which the ancients believed to be of great astrological significance. However, many modern astrologers consider it of somewhat lesser importance.

The significations and significators belonging to the Moon: (1) Intelligence (2) flower (3) good perfume (4) going to a fortress (5) disease (6) Brahmin (7) idleness (8) Phlegmatic humour (9) epilepsy (10) enlargement of the spleen (11) mental disposition (12) heart (13) woman (14) virtues or vices (15) acidity (16) sleep (17) happiness (18) any thing like water (19) silver (20) thick sugarcane (21) typhoid / malarial fever (22) travel for pilgrimage (23) well (24) tank (25) mother (26) impartiality (27) mid-day (28) pearls (29) consumption (30) whiteness (31) waistband (32) bell-metal (33) salt (34) short stature (35) mind (36) ability (37) pond (38) diamond (39) winter season (40) a break of 48 minutes (Muhurta) (41) facial luster (42) white colour (43) belly (44) worshipping Goddess Durga/Gauri (45) honey (46) joking (47) nourishment (48) wheat (49) pleasure (50) splendor (51) face (52) sharp in thought (53) love of curd (54) mendicant (55) fame (56) beauty (57) strength at night (58) facing westward (59( learned (6) saline (61) getting a job (62) love for west (63) going to far off countries (69) ailment of the shoulders (70) Umbrella or any other royal 111Sigma (71) good fruits (72) blood purity and vitality (73) fish and other water creatures (74) serpent (75) silk garments (76) good budding (77) brilliant things (78) clean crystal and (79) soft and velvety clothes.

Moon: Personality, inner shape, maid, figure, effect, darkness, night time, fate, fortune, chance, cycle, menstruation, ovulation, change, difference. The Moon is the seat of desire, panting, longing, craving, lust, appetite, hunger, thirst, consumption; also of whim and fancy, also of emotions, feelings, sexual and material needs. It rules over behaviour and what the mind nurtures and receives. The Moon is in a constant state of passivity and unlike the Sun, which is constant activity, the Moon yearns and cries out, like a lascivious bitch, for the Sun’s heat and stimulating rays. So the Moon is filtration, reflection, refraction, respectivity, absorbability, dependency. It yields, submits, capitulates and surrenders itself, and especially during its Full phase, when the Sun combusts it fully. It is adaptable, pliable, flexible, sensitive and impressionable to the utmost, changeable and inconstant. It cannot be trusted. It is a somnambulist, is indolent, languid, lazy, and inactive, could sleep for ever, rest and relax. Its favourite posture is the horizontal one and in this even beats Saturn. The ease with which it can fly out of the body into the astral is unsurpassable. The Moon is fantasy, myth, fable, legend, dream, illusion, mirage, because unlike the Sun which revels in truth and reality, the Moon is incapable of putting its feet on the ground. It has to imagine things or hear things or reproduce things and that’s why it is a born medium, spiritual, psychic, actor and actress. The principle of domesticity is very strong in it. It must have a house, a home, a place where it can receive and attend the Sun, its lord and lover. And as a result children and family are a great concern to it. The Moon rules not only over the family idea, but also over its extensions which are the clan, the tribe, the community, society, and what we today call the populace, the masses, the people. Like a mother it is a believer in equality and democracy. But when the Moon is upside down or is dark it gets out of sight and becomes morose and dull. Or if white and fully round, unstable, moody, lunatic, insane, hysterical, mad, dangerous, ready to bite, pounce, scratch like a cat or panther, run after men like a nymphomaniac, cry for nothing, moan, complain, do things it would never do 14 days later, and in general bring out its worst or suppressed characteristics. Menstruation is its cross, relief and defence. It bleeds every 28 days more or less and this sacrifice makes it as insecure and susceptible as a bratty little child. The Moon is really infantile, voluble, absent minded and day-dreams as much as possible. It really never grows up, preferring to remain in its personal placenta, foetus-like. Because of its dependency upon the Sun for survival it can be at times insatiable, unsocial and very strange, depending upon its millions of humours. Mediocrity and parasitism are possibilities if unable to receive what it expects; and if that happen it can fall into such apathy and frustration as to seem dead. Hypochondria attacks its scions and also the gypsy itch, but not for the sake of adventure as the Uranian. It is rather for lack of heat that Moon types rotate. The Moon rules over the ethereal body, the mind, plasma, mannerisms and idiosyncrasies, likes and dislikes, the apparent and the unconscious.


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