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Charms Talismans and Spells: Introduction, Chapter I, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Break in the spells

Break in the spell without intention does not come in this category but if that is done intentionally then that is a separate issue. For example, you are giving a chapatti to a cow daily and the cow after smelling it does not eat it, then it would not break the spell. As a regular practice you keep the chapatti at a place and by thinking that the cow comes here daily and would eat it. This would break the spell because you have not seen the cow eating it and some other animal might ate the same.

During the sutak if some one has to break the spell then it would not be consider as a break. Perhaps it would take more time to give its effect. If due to some misbelieve the spell is stopped then it would not harm the native.

It may be noted here that women are given liberty from it due to their health conditions. During the period of menstruation the women should not perform the spell and continue the same from the last where they left it before the start of menstruation.

If due to some or other reason person is facing in hurdles and the spells are not completed due to some or other reason then he should note that it is not the will of the god that the spell should be completed and he is not going to get complete result from it. He should stop it at once and consult his preceptor who directed him to perform the spell.


Talisman is a derivative of Arabic word talisman which means an object marked with magic signs and believed to confer on its bearer supernatural powers or protection or something that apparently has magic power. It is said that beauty is sometimes a most powerful talisman.

Nature of talismans

The Sun and the stars attract something from us and we attract something from them because our astral bodies are in sympathy with our astral bodies but the same is the case with the astral bodies of all other objects. They all attract astral influences from the stars. Each body attracts certain particular influences from them, some attract more, other less, and on this truth is based the power of amulets, talismans, charms etc. and the influences which they may exercise over the astral form of the bearer. Talismans are like boxes in which sidereal influences may be preserved.

Wearing charms and talismans

To those of either sex who desire to wear any charm secretly, the correct method is to have it placed in a small black silk bag and suspended from the neck by a thin red silk cord, so that it hangs on the breast/chest or under the left arm. Another method is to have it attached to a bangle and worn above the elbow. With written spells it is an easy manner to have them placed in a piece of jewellery such a locket brooch or a ring.

When the charm takes the form of a pretty piece of jewellery, it is hard and almost seems a crime to hide it away from the sight of others though the ancients were very emphatic in stating that no person should be allowed to handle or see the talisman or charm of another.

Charm an aid to spirituality

A charm should be used intelligently, and where luck or success are sought after the wearer must do his part and not leave it to the charm to bring about the results alone. A charm or gem is not only useful for success in material things, but may be used to develop the spiritual side of the nature. Hold it between the finger and thumb and gaze at it steadily, or if in the dark simply hold it. Concentrate you thoughts on your isht (highest idea) and contemplate faithfully the conditions which you desirer. A few minutes spent every day in such quiet meditation will put you in tune with the infinite and give the wearer faith, strength and courage.

Precautions while performing the spells

There are some precautions one should follow while performing the spells.

1. First of all he should have full faith in his preceptor or the person who has directed him to perform the spell.

2. While performing the spell he should be positive in thoughts.

3. He should have full faith in the spell.

4. He should have taken bath, pious by mind and should have neatly dressed.

5. The spell should be kept secret and should not be disclosed to any one because if the spell is disclosed to any one it looses it sanctity.

All magnetic healers are aware that in treating a patient they actually draw something away from the person, and if not careful will themselves take on the aches, pains or disease which they have rid their patients of.

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