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Charms Talismans and Spells: Remedies through Gems, Chapter XXII, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Of all the stones for the satisfaction of planets, blue/red sapphire gives miracle effect in practical life. It is noticed that if blue/red sapphire is suitable for the native he will be getting fantastic result in any respect. If it doesn’t suit, he may be ill fated unless and until he is going to remove the stone from his hand. That is instant and positive result may be available while somebody is utilizing the blue/red sapphire for favouring the prabajya karaka and Nastika Guna Sampanna planet, Saturn. Meanwhile, the astrological practitioner will have to look into the location of the planet, Saturn in the Zodiac chart.

Diamond is such a stone which is economically costlier to the native. This stone glitter in multifarious colours and the cutting of the stone is attractive and appreciating. It is marked that formerly the king and ruler of the different countries used to keep diamond in their fingers for getting taste with tongue for welcoming death whenever they are in pernicious condition. From the chemical standpoint, diamond is composed of carbon. So that if it is thrown to the fire place, stone will be smashed into ashes. But this way, diamond may be destroyed. In this respect, it may be pointed out that Kohinoor is the costlier stone which was in the custody of Indian Kingdom and sold by the Emperor Nadir Shah. The stone is now in the hands of British rulers. Diamond changes the health and vigour and versatile nature predominates on the native and increases sexual power and attraction for fancy of women.

Moon stone/pearl increases mental power and intelligence and maintains brain power in normal mode. Coral checks up accident, injury, bleeding etc. and helps to become brave man like a soldier in the battle field but inspires the native in sexual appetite as Mars is Indhana Yogakarka. Respect, dignity, reputation, financial gain, high position may be available due to wearing the stone, Ruby or chuni or manikya. Emerald or emerald is favourable for the planet, Mercury. Mercury is dhisaktikaraka which checks up the fickleness of human mind. Topaz (white and yellow) provides wealth, fate etc. and well position in life. Rahu is favoured whenever Hessonite is used. In the old scripts Rahu is termed as atripti karaka, i.e., it is never be satisfied in any respect. Ketu has no eyes. So it functions wherever it is posited. Cat’s eye or Baiduryamani is suggested for the satisfaction of Ketu. It is a spiritual planet and malechabhava.

In fine, it is realized that stone suggestion is a difficult task. So, astrologers should betaking proper care to advice stones according to the system. Barring a few, some of them give miracle effect by which a person becomes realistic to have faith on stones which are precious no doubt. Stones should be clear in all respect, so that it may not be delayed to have instant result in practice.

Rationale of Prescribing a Gem

Gems are basically used to strengthen the power of planets. It is a misleading belief among some people that gems are used to pacify the adverse results of the planets and make them favourable. Suppose, if a planet is adversely placed in a horoscope and is then strengthened, then the planet’s adversities will be intensified. Gems or stones for adversely placed in a horoscope and is then strengthened, then the planet’s adversities will be intensified. Gems or stones for adversely placed planets must not be used. Wearing the stone of those planets, whose lordship and placement is favourable but that planet is weak or afflicted, will be of immense benefit. Whereas wearing stones of any adversely placed planet will enhance the malfeasance of that planet resulting into increase in harm, loss, tension, failure of undertakings, health problems and the like. So a gem concerning only that planet should be suggested who is well placed in the birth chart but is weak or afflicted due to one or the other reason.

The effect of stones can be elucidated on the basis of seven colours of spectrum. Each planet constitutes different colour of the spectrum. When any planet is favourable or unfavourable, the colour with regard to that planet gets efficient or deficient in our body. This deficiency or efficiency is noticed from the human behaviour. For example, if Mars get unfavourable then problems related to blood, occurrence of rashes, muscular trouble, accident, blood pressure and uncontrollable anger would get their prominence in the body. If coral is worn then these adversities of Mars will get reduced.


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