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Charms Talismans and Spells: Profession, Chapter VIII, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Offer the Goddesses flowers and keep a Ghee-filled lightened lamp before their images. Also offer a pitcher full of water to the Basil plant. Sing the Atari of Mahalakshmi and offer Ghee and sugar as Big (Prasadam). If you take these precautions for 1 ¼ months your business shall surely pick up.

10. Should you be facing problems at your working place due to dwindling number of customers or any such problem, on any Saturday cut to pieces 5 limes and with them a handful of sarson (mustard seeds), 1 clove (laung) and some grains of black pepper and keep them at your working place. Next day press all the material between your hands and throw them away. Do so for some days to reap on amazingly positive result. Your income shall rise tremendously.

11. Write the following famous Mantra. On any Sunday take 22 black Urad grains and sprinkle them on the floor of your business premises after chanting the Mantra for 22 times.

Om Bhaver Veer Tu Chela Mera, Khol Dukan kaha kar Mera!

Uthe Jon Dandy Bike Jo Maal, Bhaver Veer sikhe nahin jaye!!

12. Should you encounter many problems in your business, feed at least 10 blind persons and reverentially service your parents. All the obstructions and troubles will be removed.

13. For ensuring growth of your business clean a part of your business premises with Ganges water and make a Swastika mark on that place with turmeric paste. Now place on it some grains of `Chane kid al, jiggery, and keep a Desi ghee burning lamp while praying for your speedy business growth. This ritual should be performed on any Thursday.

14. If you have to go for any important assignment, take a lemon and pierce into it 4 cloves (laung) and chant the following mantra:

Om Shree Hanumate Namah!!

Having chanted it for 21 times take that clove-fixed lemon and go on you rmission. Your success will be assured.

15. In case you face some business problems whenever you buy some iron material or machine, always buy some toys for the children along with the iron purchase. This shall ensure the problems getting solved.

16. If your business or profession be sluggish, make some Besan laddoo and let them go round your head for seven times on any Wednesday evening and feed them to a yellow or white cow on the Thursday morning. Your business will flourish.

17. Should you want speedy growth in service, offer to birds cereals of seven varieties.

18. Your income shall rise if you offer black-wet grams to monkeys on Tuesday.

19. Those businessmen facing recurring losses must have the `homa’ (offering to fire) done at their place with Gayatri Mantra.

Om Bhur bhuva swah tatsawiturvarenayam bhargo devasaya dhimahi dhiyo yona parchodayat!!

Then collect the ashes at the altar in a white cloth and keep it preserved at your home or office or shop. Your business will flourish. In case you have chronic bad health problem, put a little of that ash on your forehead as well. You will have your health related problems also removed.

20. On any auspicious day wear yellow clothes and sit on the ground white facing west direction. Make a heap of gram pulse on a cloth and put a water pot made of copper on it and fix its mouth with a bowl. Now put a small ball of mercury, seven energized shells (kori), one chetak haqiq, one moti sankh, three small coconuts, and recite the following mantra for eleven hundred eighty eight times with the rosary of haqiq.

Om shrim shrim klim glom gan ganpatye var vardaye mam namah!!

After the japaof the mantra offer the water in the pot to the bail plant and the remaining articles in a yellow cloth and flow them in a river. The native would witness the results very shortly.


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