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Charms Talismans and Spells: Luxurious Life, Chapter XII, Part - 1

Chapter No. 12

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Now a days we are living in materialistic world. Luxuries have become a need of every one and no one can deny the fact that he needs the best from the available resources with him. Money plays a vital role in getting all these things and everyone wants that by putting less effort one could earn the most. Of course, by putting honest efforts one can achieve that put there are some people who even by putting best of his efforts cannot achieve the desired goal. There are some supernatural hurdles created by the nature in achieving the goal and without overcoming the same one cannot get it. Hence, we are starting the lesson from the spells for getting the blessing of goddess Lakshmi. In this chapter we are giving some precautions to be observed for our esteemed readers which would help them in getting the blessings of the goddess.

1. In a house where Sri Sukta or Sri Laxmi Sukta is read on every Friday or daily that house is blessed by goddess Laxmi with here blessings.

2. Every week while cleaning the floor mix some sea salt in the water. This would help in bringing peace and prosperity at the home. Besides it would also check the negative energy being brought by any undesired guest at your home.

3. The native should make a habit to wash the entrance of the house with fresh water daily in the morning. This would help the luxuries and comfort to increase in the home.

4. If the native wants that peace and prosperity should prevail at your home then on the day of Amavasya the native should get the house cleaned and clear all the useless articles by selling it out. After cleaning process the native should light five incense sticks in the worship place of the home. It would certainly help the native in his desired goal.

5. If the native can perform homa at his home on every Poornima (Full Moon day) it would certainly help him in getting luxuries. If the native does not know any mantra then he can do it with the single syllable mantra know as paranav i.e. OM. By lighting fire on cow dung’s cakes the native should offer hundred and eight offerings to the fire while reciting the mantra. It increases an atmosphere of spirituality in the home.

6. Put a piece of Lohbaan (myrrh) on the cow dung’s cake and offer the smoke to the whole house. This would help in rectifying the evil effect in the home.

7. If while performing pooja if some guest comes to your home then it is duty of the native to offer some breakfast to him. It is considered a good omen and if during the evening worship some married woman comes then it is the sign that goddess lakshmi has come on her own to bless the native. A due regard should be offered to her.

8. The native should make it a habit that whenever he returns home he should not come empty handed. If he is not in a position to purchase something then he should pick some piece of paper from the road and enter the home with it.

9. If while performing some sadhna or worship the child cries then it is not auspicious for the native. For this the native should meet some learned persons for its rectification because there are reasons that some negative energy is working that time in the home.

10. If by mistake there is some wawter source in your home on the Agneykon (East or South direction) then as per the principles of Vastu it is a problem for the native. For its rectification the native should fix a red fluorescent lamp on that point which should be lighted round the clock and in the evening the native should lit a lamp on the same spot.

11. Do not keep the salt in the home in open container. Always fix a lid over it.


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