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Charms Talismans and Spells: Influence of Black Magic and Evil Eye, Chapter V, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

5. Wednesday: - The day lord is mercury. The person falling sick on Wednesday indicates that one will feel pain in back, chest and headache. One should donate a food goaded with ghee, a four meter long cloth, small quantity of silver, one egg and one white chicken. In case of boy make a lamp of flour with four wicks and ghee. Lit this lamp and throw in the river. Also donate salt, moth (a kind of kidney bean) and baranj.

6. Thursday: - The day lord is Jupiter. One will remain in bed for ten days. The indication is pain in waist, head and umbilicus, one will feel fear in sleep. In such case donate red chicken yellow red and black coloured pieces of cloth, mehndi (myrtle) leaves, 0.25 kg wheat and small quantity of silver.

In case a boy falls ill he will not have breast feed of his mother, will vomit after taking anything, continuous weeping, his colour will gradually become yellow. In such case make a lamp of barley flour with four wicks, and lit it with ghee. Prepare kheer (mixture of rice and milk) and flow it in the river after showing to the patient, kheer should be donated.

7. Friday: - The person falling ill on Friday will remain in bed for 11 days. One should feel inactiveness in body, headache, red eyes and murmuring in dreams. Collect dust of four places where four crossings meet or ash from cemetery or cremation ground, blood of white goat, these two mixed together. One deep of mash floor, small quantity of turmeric and vermillion be collected. All these items to be put in a new earthen pot after wrapping in black cloth and should be thrown in the river. One should also donate one load of ¼ kg small quantity of silver and 1 ¼ yards white cloth.

If a boy falls ill then one should burn the hair or tail of crow or chicken and body be put to this smoke. One should donate kheer after completing the whole exercise.

Spells and charms for uprooting the effect of blackmagic or influence of evil eye

Any person can fell prey to the influence of evil eye at any which is remedied only through some spells or some talismans. It is believed that a person can fell prey to black magic by the deeds of some enemy but a person can come under the influence of evil eye of any near or dear. If someone is influenced by a beloved then the harm would be very less but if it is a deed of some enemy that it may harm him to any extent. Some people are very jealous by nature. One should refrain from such people because their very sight brings the child or some one under the influence the influence of evil eye. To know whether the person is under the influence of black magic or evil eye one should check whether the native is suffering from fever or looks like in a drowsy state due to intoxication, pain in the body parts, and other such abnormal things which are never observed in a normal person. Here we are giving some spells and charms for uprooting such things:-

1. When a person is under the influence of evil eye then take 225 gms. Of alum and spin it over the person for twenty one times and throw it at a crossing. After doing so do not turn around.

2. Another spell for warding off the influence of evil is, take a whole lemon and while reciting the mantra “…” spin the lemon over the native for twenty one times. Any member of the family can take the lemon to any crossing and cut it into four pieces and throw each piece on every road. Leave the knife there.

3. If a person is influenced by black magic then take a black thread which should be seven times long to the height of the native. Now rotate the thread over the native seven times in anti clock-wise direction. Now go to a pepal tree and tie the around it after properly worshipping it. After tying the thread, the person who is performing the spell, say that I am giving the problem of the said person (say the name of the native) to you. After performing the whole spell do not turn around. Before entering the home perform ablution.

4. Take seven whole dry red chillies. Spin it over the affected person and burn it into fire. If the person would be affected by the evil eye then while burning the chillies dry cough would be felt.

5. Take seven pieces of sea salt and rotate them over the effected person for seven times and after doing so put the seven pieces in the fire. The person would be relieved.


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