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Charms Talismans and Spells: Education, Chapter VII, Part - 1

Chapter No. 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

In Sanskrit language there is a couplet which says that education blesses a native with pleasing personality which inspires skill in him. This skill enables him to earn wealth and keeps him happy for the whole life. In nutshell it could be said that education is the solution for the all the problems in this materialistic world. Attention, attention, dire concentration are some of the things which are essential for a student. To increase these skills there are some talismans, spells and charms which could be used to increase them. Of course, perseverance is never unfruitful because industry is fortune’s right hand.

Charms for the students

1. If a student is facing disappointment during examinations then on Saraswati Jyanti he should write the mantra “I” on a bhoojpatra with ashatgand ink while mixing water of some sacred river. Now he should keep the bhoojpatra in front of the idol of goddess Saraswati and recite the above mantra for hundred and eight times. After that keep the bhoojpatra in an amulet made of silver and tie it on the right hand and wear it on the neck. Before starting his studies he should do mental recitation of the mantra for hundred and eight times. He would notice a difference in his retention power.

2. Keep a red colour pen with golden cap while taking examination. It is considered auspicious.

3. A student must wear two five faced Rudraksh and one six faced Rudraksh in between. This increase the concentration power of the student.

4. While going for examination keep varch (a type of root) with you. When the examination starts put the varch in you mouth and keep it till the examination is over. Later flow it in flowing water. This would help the native to attempt the examination with full concentration.

Spells for the students

1. Always go to the classroom or school in an enthusiastic mood with full zeal.

2. Five weeks before the examinations on Wednesday morning of shukla paksha the native should offer eleven laddoos of gram flour to lord Ganesh recite the following mantra for with the rosary of green Haqiq for 11x108 times. The native would be crowned with success in examinations. It must be kept in mind that God help those who help themselves. The mantra is.

3. If a child faces problem in memorizing a particular subject then while studying he should keep his tongue with palate. This will help the child to retain the subject.

4. It is our aged old tradition that before going for some important work some sweet (sugar) and curd is given to the native at the time he leaves the home. If the native is going to appear for some examination then his mother should divide the curd and in tow parts. The first part should be given to the child before three hours he leaves the home for examination while remembering goddess Saraswati and the second part is given when the child leaves for examination. Besides he should have tilak of saffron on his forehead and put some sticks of saffron on his tongue.

5. Offer five types of sweets and two green cardamoms to Peepal at the time of Sunset on Thursday to the Peepal tree. Continue this process for three Thursdays.

6. On first Tuesday of shukla paksha, at least twenty one weeks before examinations, the native should offer jiggery and roasted grams to Lord Hanumanji in a temple and seek His blessings for success in examinations. On twenty first Tuesday apply tilak of vermillion of lord Hanumanji’s left feet. Before writing the examination paper he should read the following mantra for five times. After getting good results the native should offer one chola to lord Hanumanji. The mantra is as under:-

7. On Sunday mix red vermillion, sugar, and petals of rose in water and offer them to Sun god. The same donate some red thing ad two match boxes in temple. Have food without salt.

8. One should not tease the birds. They should be propitiated by given water and food.


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