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Charms Talismans and Spells: Different Types of Diseases, Chapter XV, Part - 1

Chapter No. 15

Dr. Shanker Adawal

There is a proverb that “early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” It is the desire of the every one that he should always keep himself fit and enjoy the life with full luxuries. No one thinks that he should face the wrath of sorrow in his life which is of many kinds. Unhealthy body is among one of the sorrows which a person faces in his life. It is the belief in Hindu mythology that these health related problems are associated with the doings of his previous birth which could not be remedied with the help of medical sciences. No doubt, most of the diseases are caused due to malnutrition and medical sciences have remedies for them. Besides proper medical care there are some spells, charms and talisman which, if performed in letter and spirit, can heal the diseases in addition to medical aid.

Cardiac Problem: - When a person is suffering from cardiac problem or observe symptoms of cardiac related diseases then he should read Aditya Hridayam and wear panch mukhi (five faced) Rudraksh along with it. The native should wear these Rudraksh in a long thread which should touch his heart. He should also put these Rudraksh in a bowl filled of water during night time and in the morning he should consume the water empty stomach. Besides performing these remedies the native is advised to flow a square piece of copper in the flowing water for forty three days in a row. Offer jiggery and wheat to a cow on every Sunday.

Take two bowls of copper and put honey and cow’s ghee in them respectively. Now put one copper ring each in the bowl and put the same in the direct Sun light for three hours. Now wear the ring from the ghee bowl while facing the sun and regularly eat the honey till you recovered from the problem.

Skin Problem: - When someone is facing skin problems then he should mix ratanjyot with coconut oil and put the same in the direct sunlight for eight days and from ninth day he should start using it over infected area. For early efficacy he should recite the Sun mantra with the rosary of red sandal. You can also wear garnet in copper.

Depression: - Here one should not understand that depression is another form of mental retardness. Depression means that when someone is totally exhausted after his daily work. For this purpose the native is advised to take the five almonds, sugar candy, and some cream of milk and after two hours grind them together. If you will recite the Aditya Hridyam them it would certainly enhanced the its efficacy. If some mental problem is striking you daily then on first Sunday of Shukla Paksha take a teeth of Rabbit and keep it in an amulet of copper and wear it. For more efficacy you can wear Surya Kant Mani.

Epilepsy: - This is a very dangerous type of disease. No one can predict its time of attack. Hence, one has to be more careful for it. Wear Surya Yantra and read Aditya Hridyam daily. Besides take a nutmeg and make a hole through it and pierce a red thread through it and if possible make a ring of donkey’s hoof along with kesar Chandermani and wear them on your body.

Cold: - The native is attacked by cough, cold, problems related to liver when Moon is afflicted in the chart. So to get rid of such problems the native should draw Moon yantra with the stylus of Holy basil during some good hora with the ink of saffron on bhooj patra. If the problem is on higher side then starting from Shukla Paksha take a white handkerchief, some sugar candy balls, and one square piece of silver and flow them in flowing water on three Mondays in a row. Besides that light a lamp made of rice floor and use camphor’s wick and pure ghee in it.


1. This talisman is written and worn in neck fro speedy recovery from diseases. It can be written on bhoojpatra in ashatgandh. It is used in Rheumatic pain and diseases of belly. If some one is suffering from belly pain and no medicine affects to reduce the pain. The talisman be written on the belly.



























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