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The astral energy of May, 29 says - Practicality with stability and the right aggression there in the energy pattern to take the decisions that you have been struggling. Do not procrastinate or defer but decide. Better to cut from relationship than grudgingly holding it.

Food For The Mind - Detachment in all relationships means being stable and calm when the other is in pain. Getting into pain because your loved one is pain is Attachment. Also getting DEMANDING and CARRIED away when the person you love is HAPPY /SUCCESSFUL is a MIND - TRICK stemming out of EXPECTATION. That should be avoided - as - feel happy when your loved ones have achieved - sit in there/the natural shade but demanding a pound is NOT LOVE - IT IS THE TRADER IN YOU. Complicated MINDS should be simplified by MEDITATION - be stable and help in pain and look from a distance at HAPPY moments. Happy Hormones within you will do better work than EXPECTING ACTS from the other person. Warmly

Shanker Adawal

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