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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 49


Dr. Shanker Adawal


She will start on educational concern but will not be greatly benefited by the job and have plenty of internal quarrels with those who assist her in the educational effort

(Saturn is karka of profession in contact with Jupiter and Mercury indicates an educational concern but Rahu and Sun and Mars behind may cause lot of quarrels, as these also represent those who assist her).


Her sisters too will have no happiness

Venus karka of woman representing sister is in Cancer.


She may find a happy employment in a concern dealing with Sastras (moral codes)

(Ketu karka of spiritual placed in godly sign Pisces ahead of Saturn may give such results).


Earning wealth

Venus in 11th to Saturn indicates earning wealth (Venus is karka of wealth and its placement in house of gains to Saturn karka of karma indicates so. It appears that resultls of Saturn can be assessed by having planets in favourable houses from Saturn may be they are in inimical houses as Venus here in Cancer).


She will have a long life of about 73 years.

(It comes in 6th round 60 to 72 years when Jupiter will be transiting in Aquarius with its lord Saturn in 8th house with enemies and specially Rahu. Thus in 6th round when Jupiter transits over Rahu, she may die i.e. 72-73 years).

Chart No. 29

Father – profession

Father of the native will be dealing in jewellery and earn a lot.

Sun is in Aries exalted, the next house of jewellery and finance is occupied by Venus (owner) and Mercury signifies dealing with jewellery.

Native – profession

Native will follow his grandfather’s profession

Saturn governing profession is in commercial house of Virgo with Jupiter and Rahu.

(Rahu is karka of grand father and also connected with Saturn located in commercial house so commerce or trade and probably grand father was also doing the same).

Native – nature

He is charitable in nature and morally inclined one.

One combination of Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter shows this as well (Rahu is karka of windy temperament associated with Jupiter).


And live up to 75

(Jupiter in 7th round contacting Ketu in Pisces. Its lord Jupiter with enemy Saturn and Rahu. In 7th round in Sagittarius whose lord Jupiter is weak in Virgo with enemies).

Children – 3 or 4

He will have 3 or 4 children including daughters

As Sun is followed by Venus Mercury combinations, he will have 3 or 4 children including daughters.

Chart No. 30


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