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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 101


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Employment in Intellectual Institute

Employment in an intellectual institute of higher studies.

Sun conjunction Mercury with Jupiter and Ketu in Virgo shows employment in an intellectual institute of higher studies.

(Sun conjunction Mercury in Taurus next to Saturn conjoined Venus indicate employment in treasury. But placement of Jupiter and Ketu in the sign of Mercury Virgo brings influence of Jupiter and Ketu in Mercury placed next to Saturn and so it shows employment in an intellectual institute (Jupiter and Ketu conjunction) of higher studies as Mercury is conjoined with Sun a planet of a value being a royal planet).

Father short lived

Father will not live long.

Saturn and Venus both enemies to Sun are in 12th to him so the father will not live long.

Grandfather – well read in Vedic lore

Grandfather must be one well read in Vedic lore.

His grand father represented by Rahu has the aspect of Jupiter and so he must be one well read in Vedic lore.

Chart No. 84

Brother – opposes her husband

Her own brother who will oppose her husband.

Here Rahu is retrograde and is moving towards Mars placed in forest sign (Sagittarius) and comes across her own brother who will oppose her husband.

Educational career – Obstructions

She will have her educational career beset with obstructions.

(Mercury karka of education is having Mars ahead of it. In fact Jupiter is depositor of Mars conjoined with Mercury).

Better period

Things go better after 24th years.

(Jupiter in 2nd round comes to Libra an inimical sign, and aspected by debilitated Saturn and so things go better after 24 years).

Happiness in family life

After 29 – 30 years she will have happiness in family life.

(In 3rd round when Jupiter comes to Scorpio and transits Pisces and aspect of Sun and Jupiter which are royal planets makes it possible). While discussing the years the transit of Jupiter is only mentioned. It is desired that rotation of Jupiter is fixed and then look at transit for the year which determines the good or bad period.

Chart No. 85

Father – Government service

The native’s father is a government official.

(Sun is having Jupiter and Ketu next to it. Ketu normally give a government job. Besides Mercury is depositor of Ketu and Jupiter).

Sisters and brothers

He has four sisters and one brother.

(Sun having Saturn in rear and Venus with Moon aspected by Ketu. Saturn a brother, Venus one sister, Moon 2nd sister and aspect of Ketu on Moon means 2 or 3 sisters. In all Saturn (one brother) and Venus (one sister) and two or three sisters (Moon opposition Ketu).

Little Education

The native will have little education.

(Mercury opposed by Mars).


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