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Vastu Shastra: Vastu Remedies, Chapter X, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Vastu Mantra:

{kka {kha {ka {kSa {kkSa {ka%!

Ksram Ksrim Ksram Ksraim Ksraum Ksrrumh!!

Vastu Gayatri

mW okLrqiq:”kk; fonegs Hkwfeiq=k; /khefg rUuks okLrq izpksn;krA

Om vastu purushayee vidhmahe bhumiputraaye dhimahi tanno vastu parchodayat!!

If a person performs Homa with sesame seed, clarified butter and pudding all his fears are pacified. When Vastudevta is worshipped, nine planets, ten guardians deities of the quarters, Brahama, Vishnu, Rudra, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Parvati, Ganesha as well all god and goddess are also worshipped.

Vastu Dosh Nivarak Yantra

If you are facing some Vastu Dosha at your home or your work place then use of Vastu dosh nivarak yantra could be useful for you. On the first Thursday of Shukla Paksh energise the Vastu dosh nivarak yantrav and keep the yantra in the Pooja ghar and apply tilak of kesar on it. Lit the lamp of pure ghee and twenty five incense stick. Recite the mantra with the rosary of Tulsi for hundred and five times. The mantra for recital is:-

ma ueks Hkxors okLrqnsok; ue%A

Om namoh bhagwate vastudevaya namah!!

After performing Pooja pay you obeisance by folding hands and where the vastu fold is felt, dig a pit of 1 ½ fts. And place the yantra in it. The pit should be dug in the south-west direction of the area. As far as possible the pit should be dug by the native himself. Place the yantra on a blue cloth and mark the area with a triangle and put magnets on the three corners. Fill the pit after performing Pooja. It is believed that this yantra would address all the vastu doshas.

Shree Bessa yantra

This yantra is used for pleasing goddess Laxmi. The goddess bestows all luxuries, wealth and comforts in life. It is carved on copper plate. In the morning, at the time of sunrise, the devotee should worship it with saffron mixed with sandal powder with mantra:-

ma gha Dyha y{eh nsO;S^ ue%A

Om Hrim klim lakshmi Devia namah!!

The mantra be recited for two thousand times daily along with Shri sukta.

Subhlabh or Vyapar vridhi Yantra

This Yantra is considered for good luck, success, wealth and prosperity. Shubhlabh yantra is a combined Yantra of Lakshmi and Ganesha and is called Mahayantra. Through Ganesh Yantra one attains Siddhi and through Lakshmi one is blessed with wealth. It is placed in pooja place, in cash box or in Almirah. Subh Labh yantra is energized by reciting its Bij mantra 1008 times and also the homa is performed with 108 mantras. It is very auspicious and is a combined Yantra for worship of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. Goddess Laxmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity and Lord Ganesha, the God of success in any venture.


























The mantra for recital is:-

ma Jha xa lkSE;k; x.kir;s oj ojn loZtua es o’keku; LokgkAA

Om Shareeng Gan Somyaya Ganpataye var varad Sarvjan me Vashmanaya Svaha!!


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