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Vastu Shastra: Frequently Asked Questions, Chapter XV, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Q. No. 14. – It is said that the doorways of a house should be in even number not ending with zero but not in odd number. What is your opinion?

Answer – Yes, it is often said like that; but the doorways can be in the even number which have a zero e.g. 10, 20 etc.

Q. No. 15. – What influences most to the living being? Please clarify in detail.

Answer – The five Elements of nature affect the living beings directly as mentioned below:

1. Earth: If there is no earth, we can not exist. It is only the Earth which makes the country look beautiful with emerald like fields and carpets of green grass; It also emitting oxygen which is so vital for existence.

2. Air: This is present every where; without air there is no life. The exhale which is emitted from our nostrils is called `Swar’ (voice). No sooner the function of the Swar stops, the living beings die.

3. Water: The most important thing necessary for life is water only. Around 70% of human body consists of water.

4. Fire: Each and every living being requires fire. For cooking food or for any sacred ceremony including marriage we need fire. Even the final absorption is not possible without fire.

5. Space: This is a place of storage. It causes rain; deciding when, where and how much rainfall is to be given to the various earth segments.

Q. No. 16. – Can the defects of construction be removed by Mantra, Tantra, Worship or machines?

Answer – The Mantra, Tantra, worship and the sacred machines increase the auspicious energy and benefits the buildings. However this auspicious energy does not last long because it is obstructed by the inauspicious energy produced due to faulty construction.

Q. No. 17 – Should every person purchase plot with roads on the East and the North side road?

Answer – There are no two opinions on the fact that the plots with the roads on the North or the East side are really good. But due to paucity of land it is not necessary that everybody will get a plot with roads on the East or the North side. In the plots with road on the South side the compound gate and the main entrance should be taken in the South-East of the South direction. Plots with roads on the South are very auspicious for Hotels, Steel, Hardware Store, Tyres, Oil, Chemical Engineering, Coal and Beauty Parlour Businesses.

Q. No. 18. – Do the rules laid down in the “Vaastu Shastra” hold good only in the case of constructing houses or do they apply even to the construction of temples?

Answer – The rules laid down in the “Vaastu Shastra” apply to all kinds of constructions including temples. It applies to construction of houses, granaries, shops, theatres, factories, cattle-shed, huts, buildings, forts and temples etc. Even for a garden, park or club, the rules laid down in the Vastu shastra should be followed.

Q. No. 19. – While purchasing a plot, what are the dimensions to be taken care of?

Answer – One should take such a plot, all the four sides of which are equal or the N.E. corner of which has a projection. If there are projections on other sides the excess land may be left and all the sides should be made equal.

Q. No. 20. – Is Vaastu Shastra related to Astrology?

Answer – It cannot be denied that Vaastu Shastra is related to astrology to some extent. If in the horoscopes of people the stars Saturn and Mars are prominent and if the entrance of the houses of these people re in the South they get success in their work. When the stars of the head of the family are prominent he does not feel the effects of the faulty construction to that extent. When the stars of the head the of family are under bad influence they doubly bad effects of faulty stars and faulty construction are to be borne. But when the entire structure is according to Vaastu Shastra and the stars of the head of the family are under bad influence the bad effects are reduced to a large extent due to auspicious energy.


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