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Vastu Shastra: Frequently Asked Questions, Chapter XV, Part - 8


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Q. No. 45. – Can houses be built on road level?

Answer – It is always better to build both the compound floor and the structure above the road level. Left the foundation for the compound floor be at least two feet above the road level. Let the house (structure) itself be at least two or three feet above the ground level. Generally speaking if you observe temples, you will find that they are built on a higher level than the ground. Taking the life of a building as about fifty years, there is always the possibility of the height or the road slowly increasing over a period of time. It is therefore all the more necessary that the structure is built at a higher height to avoid flow of rain water etc. from the road into the building or compound.

Q. No. 46. – What is the relationship between the length and breadh of a building?

Answer – The best is square structure where you have both the length and breadth equal. However this may not be possible in many cases. The rectangular structure is the next choice.

Brihat Sanhita states that the length of King’s dwelling should be greater than its breadth by a quarter. For example, the following table gives the lengths and breadth which can be used by you for your house. It is to be noted that the maximum length of the building should be twice the breadth and no more.

Q. No. 47. – What pictures are suitable in a drawing room?

Answer – You can have natural sceneries which are pleasing to eyes on your North or East walls. Pictures of smiling children etc. can also decorate your house. Avoid pictures depicting burning forests, fires etc. For strength and stability we should decorate our South – West wall with a picture/wall poster or wall paper of a high mountain peak without water like Alps, Everest or Kailash mountains. A picture of waterfall, a mountain or a tortoise on North wall gives financial prosperity. Photos of departed souls can be hung on the South Walls.

Q. No. 48. – How do you define a door when the site and building is titled 20 degree to the cardinal directions?

Answer – Let us suppose you have slightly East facing site on which you construct a house. Find out the centre point of the Eastern wall on the plan. Tilt the plan to the direction the site is facing. Put your compass on it and draw a North – South line passing through the centre of the Eastern wall. Divide the North South line into 9 parts. Draw lines on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th grids to cut the Eastern wall. These are the places at which you can have your main door.

Q. No. 49. – What is the significance of keeping plant in general and `Tulasi’ (Basil Plant) in particular in the house?

Answer – The great scientist J.C. Bose proved that plants also have life and respond like any other living being. Plants inhale the Carbon Dioxide and exhale Oxygen during the day whereas they give out Carbon Dioxide and take in oxygen in the nights. Unlike other plants `Tulasi’ has the tendency to exhale oxygen both in the day and night.

Oxygen coming out from `Tulasi’ purifies the polluted air surrounding the premises of the house. Inhaling such pure air reduce the effect of pollution in the mind. This enables for a healthy thinking process. A positive nature of decision making gets developed. That is the reason, why we find flower pots placed in big conference halls and in office rooms occupied by top executives. The flower plants not only look beautiful but the oxygen exhaled by them reduces the tension and develops a smooth and positive thinking process.

Q. No. 50. – Is a peephole through main door advisable?

Answer – As a rule, have a small window between the main door and the wall. This will enable the lady of house to have a clear view of strangers passing through the door bell.

Q. No. 51. – Is a particular direction for opening the door recommended?

Answer – Yes, the traditional way of pradakshina or circumambulation round the deity is always in the clock wise direction. Similarly when you stand inside the house, the main door should open towards your left, in the clockwise direction. As far as possible apply this principle for the other doors inside the house too.

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