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Vastu Shastra: Commercial Vastu, Chapter VIII, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Waste disposal unit

The waste disposal unit should be in central north or central east direction. Its flow should be kept in east or north-east direction.

Under ground water

The well, bore well, underground water storage, garden etc. should be in the East, North or North East. The boring should never be in south or western or northern direction. This would save the native from financial problems and accidents.

Flow of water

The flow of water should be towards north-east direction. The rain water should flow towards north east or east direction.

Septic Tank

Septic tank should be constructed in the extension of north or central north or in east direction. The septic tank should not be in the defined area of the five elements. It should not be in south or extension of west.

Under ground tank

It should either be in east or north-east direction. The overhead tank should be in south-west direction.

Administrative block

In the West direction the main office, Laboratory can be constructed. Administrative office should be away from the compound wall in central north or central east direction. The senior officers should sit while facing north or east direction in the south-west direction. The staff should sit in south-east or north-west direction.


Toilet in the administrative block should be constructed in the compound of the administrative block away from south-east and north-west direction. Toilet for the employees should be constructed in south-west or south-east direction.


To control pollution in the industrial area greenery is must. Plantation is must but it should be done at some distance of the factory area so that the shadow of the trees should not fall on the factory. Trees of neem, babool, anar, and pumpkin are prohibited in the factory premises.

Servant Quarters

Servant quarters may be in the Northwest corner.

Area of Main plant

The main plant should be in the Southwest corner.

Slop of the land

The level of the plot should be low in the Northeast.

Delivery Area

Delivery should be given from a door in the North side.


Parking should be done in the North or East. Cycle, moped, scooter, etc., can be parked in north-east direction.

Pooja room

As per the cannons of the Vastu, Pooja room can be constructed in north-east direction of the premises.


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