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Vastu Shastra: Colours and Paints, Chapter XII, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Romantic Colours

Many species including the human beings attempt to attract the opposite sex with colours. Red is the colour of sex and lust and is often called the most romantic of colours. It is no accident that red is the chosen symbolic colour for the Valentine’s Day. In interior design, however, a less intense, softer tone of red is far more conducive to romance than the pure hue. Often referred as Pinks, these colours vary from cool to warm and from light to dark. Pinks have an interesting quality that seems to halt the body’s ability to stay angry. Purple is another colour which is definitively romantic because of its passionate, unpredictable and quixotic characteristics. Paler, less intense tones of orange such as apricot and peach are often included in the romantic palette, suggesting purity and innocence. Blues in the romantic palette will be cool and inspired by water.

Personal Style

There are no trends in colour as important as personal style. Today, most designers draw from many historical periods as well as contemporary influences and mix them together to create unique personal spaces. The most effective colour palettes reflect and enhance the interests, collections and activities of the people who live there as well as architectural features. The effects of colour on mood will vary from individual to individual. Colour schemes have emotional messages too. An awareness of the emotions generated by different colours is hslpful in planning personal palettes that will be pleasant to live with, but it must be understood that this information is not absolute. Subtle changes in tone can increase or decrease the emotions evoked by a particular colour, allowing it to be included in many diverse palettes.

Colour recommended for building

1. Bright colours should not be used in the house. Cold and light colours should be used for painting the house.

2. White Colour may be used every where being symbol of purity, peace and cleanliness.

3. Red can be used in the South-eastern area but normally be avoided.

4. Blue or Light Blue colour is good for Bedroom and Drawing room.

5. Pink and Orange – Colours can be used in Dining room and Kitchen.

6. Cream or Green – should be used in the Study room.

7. The colour of the floor and the walls of the kitchen should be yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red. However, it should not be black as far as possible.

8. White or light yellow marble work in the pooja room is auspicious. The colour of the walls of the pooja room should be white, light yellow or light blue.

9. The colour of walls should be light rose, gray, blue, chocolate, green etc. Marble stones (white and yellow coloured) should not be used in the newly married couple’s bedroom.

Colour for different Rooms

Bedroom – Light Blue, Light Yellow, Light Red, Light Orange, Light Purple or Off-white.

Children’s room – Off-white, White, Light Cream, Different shades of Green.

Kitchen – Light Orange, Light Red, Light Pink, Light Yellow, White.

Pooja room – Off-white, Light Yellow

Dining room – Light Orange, Light Green, Light Yellow, Pink, Off-white, Light Red.

Bathroom – Light Green, Sky Blue, Off-white.

Ceiling – Ceiling preferably be of Sky Blue colour.


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