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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 37


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Native will fare well by agriculture and cattle trading.

Saturn contacts Mars in sign of Capricorn (agriculture) and there Jupiter (cattle breeding). Jupiter is life giver and being with exalted Mars indicates expansion of progeny and so cattle breeding).

Grand Father

Grand father of the native had money and landed property.

Mercury and Venus in the house adjoining to Rahu’s position (Rahu karka for grand father).

Parent property to native

Parent inherited the property and passed on to the native.

Sun’s conjunction with Mercury and Venus indicate that parent have inherited the property and passed on to the native.

And his sister (father sister) being left without children, he comes to possess that property.

With respect to Sun, Venus becomes sister and also Venus is behind Jupiter which comes to Sagittarius due to exchange. Saturn becomes the property of sister. Venus having Rahu ahead in sign of Jupiter does not give children to Venus. Saturn also produces hindrances. Now as Saturn and Jupiter have exchanged places, so Jupiter comes to possess Saturn, the property of Venus, the sister of father.

Father lost all the property on account of his quarrelsome nature.

(Sun karka of father in sign of Mars Scorpio gives a quarrelsome nature, but position of Sun is strong in friendly sign Mars. Sun is not only inimical to Mercury and Venus but also the sign is not friendly to Mercury and Venus. So it indicates that Scorpio and Sun are inimical to property (Venus and Mercury) and thus this result.

Sister being childless – property passed to native

And his father’s sister being left without children he comes to possess that property.

As Jupiter and Saturn have exchange of places and when Jupiter transit Sagittarius, his own house Sun will have his friend Jupiter occupying his own house and so the parent of the native came into possession of some property. As Jupiter is inimical to Venus and Saturn and strong in Sagittarius so the sister (Venus) has no child and property passed on to Jupiter who moves up and join exalted Mars or having Venus and Mercury adjoining to it.

Parent – wind trouble

Wind trouble to parent.

Saturn Rahu conjunction indicates wind trouble to parents (as Sun is going to join Saturn and Rahu).


Native will live up to a good old age of 60-65 years.

(60 – 65 means 6th round of Jupiter transit in Gemini over Ketu. The lord of Gemini Mercury is in 6th inimical sign with enemy Sun. So in 6th round Jupiter transiting on natal Jupiter in Capricorn having the lord of sign in 12th sign Capricorn with Rahu is most appropriate. Thus the period from 60 when Jupiter transit on natal Jupiter and up to when it contact Ketu in Gemini i.e. 60 – 65 is bad.

Chart No. 15


Position in a financial Concern

Saturn has Venus in the 2nd house to his own position.

Government job in a financial Concern.

Saturn touches next Sun and Mercury in the 4th house (4th from Saturn indicates place of work) and this being Sun (government) and Mercury (concern or organization) in the sign of exaltation of Venus (financial).


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