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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part – 14


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Here in this case of employment in government engineering institution in a gazette and high post, an important principle is involved.

Principle – Transiting Jupiter if excites a particular planet then the result of excitation vitalizes the planet placed in the signs owned by the planet transited.

In this case the transit of Jupiter on Sun and Venus (Sun representing government and Venus affected by Sun association) was transmitted by them to Saturn placed in the 2nd house to them and owned by Venus also and this leads to vitalizing Saturn conjunction Mercury. Thus transits of Jupiter over Sun and Venus vitalizes Saturn and Mercury conjunction placed in the sign of Venus and this gives a high post (exalted Saturn) in a government (Sun associated with Venus) in an engineering college (Mercury institution and Saturn aspected by Mars engineering profession).


Native will be employed in a government institution in gazette rank.

Jupiter will contact Saturn in exaltation in Libra sign so that native will be employed in a government institution in a gazette rank. (Exalted Saturn gives rank of high order but why in a government engineering college or institution is explained under).

Offering a high post in government engineering college.

The transit of Jupiter on Sun and Venus was transmitted by them to Saturn placed in the 2nd house owned by Venus also and this leads to vitalizing Saturn conjunct Mercury which shapes the life by offering a high post in a government Engineering college.

Native hold exalted position

This is further augmented by the fact that Jupiter contact moon and then natal Jupiter in the next house (this helps in maintaining exalted post offered by transit of Jupiter Virgo and Libra).

Principle of vitalization

If a planet is transited by Jupiter then the planet vitalizes the Karakatwas of planet located in its sign and transits give this result through transit planets. In other words Jupiter while transiting a planet which becomes depositor of some other planet depending on the Karakatwas of deposited planet, this depositor will give the result. Suppose Jupiter transits on Venus and Venus is depositor of Saturn, so Saturn is vitalized by this transit through Venus and Venus will give the results of service (Karakatwas of Saturn). In fact the transited planet transmits the vitalizing or activating effect in the area of Karakatwas and the result is given by the transit through this depositor.

Name and Fame

Offers name and fame to the native at 36 years of age.

Jupiter when completing the 3rd round will have traveled for 36 years and offer name and fame to the native at that age.

4th round of transit Jupiter

In the 4th round of transit of Jupiter it will be contacting Mars retrograde in Aries. It is a strong position of Mars. Here Mars comes to Pisces and aspects Venus and Sun. This may give parental property and displeasure from superiors and a higher post as Mars in Aries aspects Saturn. In retrogression it comes to Pisces a watery sign and gets associated with Moon and Ketu. Moon is karka for travel and with Rahu opposing it, so there may be foreign journeys etc.

Thus during 4th round transit of Jupiter there may be lot of opposition from seniors, foreign journey, holding high post and getting more emoluments.

Possession of parental property

The native will get into possession of parental property.


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