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Vastu Shastra: Preface

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Vats means to reside and it is from the word that Vaastu is derived. It means “to reside” and was the ancient science of living.

Vastu is not architecture. It is much more than that. While architecture is the science of designing and constructing a building etc, the realm of Vastu is in the applied aspects of ATHARVAVEDA. This is an ancient science and one of the eminent features of our heritage.

In the ancient Sanskrit scriptures, Vastu means the place where Humans and God dwell. Fate, Karma and surroundings govern the life of a human being. The principles of Vastu can make life sweeter and negativities can be reduced.
Building a house in the Indian civilization was not only about brick & cement but it was considered as a living organism. Vastu – Purush was considered as the spirit of the house. The cardinal direction and sectors play a very important role. The waves from different directions have an impact and they were assigned to Brahma, Ishwar, Agni, Varun, Yam and the negative forces (Demon).

The common sense rules as that of ventilation and sunlight remain of utmost importance. The rules which rule the subtle energy and built effective environments are of importance and are today being applied and appreciated. The Earth is our mother and source of happiness as also the Sun that radiates heat and light. Their role have been tapped in the Principles of Vastu.

If the settings are as per the principles of Vastu, the thought, speech and action are supported by nature and that leads us to prosperity & happiness. The principles should not only be used in dwellings or premises but also used in town and country planning. Vastu countervails the negative planetary effects for sure based on sound principles of physics, engineering and the energy movement.

The science has great depth but in this book I have tried to explain the basics that are important to be kept in mind while selecting land, construction, building an office or residence and the interiors. Tips, remedies, colors and directions which are important have been dwelled.

As a book for your reference you will find it very useful. Also it could be a starting point for those who are interested in going deeper into the subject.

My endeavor has been to write it in a way that it demystifies Vastu for the common person and helps them using it practically.

All my books are the result of the inspiration provided by my father, Late Shri K.C. Saksena and the blessings of my mother Dr Krishna Saksena who is my greatest inspiration today.

The support from my wife, Renu and motivation by My daughter Vrinda, I must mention.

Also I acknowledge the help of Saurabh Sagar and Tanya Gupta, my sister who is active with research at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan.

I end asking for the blessings of Lord Bake Bihari of Vrindavan.
---Shanker Adawal


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