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Vastu Shastra: Introduction, Chapter I, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal
Ancient Hindu tradition believes that the Earth was formed 460 million years ago and it started out from being just a big fiery ball. Hindu theory has it that it possessed magnetic forces that cause a surface to be formed out of the rocks that melted through the passing of time. As magnets have it, there is the existence of two poles: the North Pole and the South Pole. Then there came the creation of space represented by the sky, the air inherent in space, or vacuum, the earth which is the solid surface, the water which comprises ¾ of the earth’s surface and the fire which is natural to the Sun.

1. Sky something that denotes space, a vacuum endless and infinite yet holds an unimaginable power that can reach out earthly existence.

The height of the wall gives the sky factor in the house. If the height of the wall is short then the native will feel dizziness in the house and this element will not develop in them. Due to sky element flow of non-conventional energy continues in the house, hence, it is always recommended that the height of the house should be ten fts. There must be porthole in the house so that the sky element is received in the house without any hindrance. The central place which is known as Brahmsthanshould be open because the sky element enters in the house this place and the energy is circulated in the whole house.
2. Air the gas biologically needed by all living things on earth whether the subsistence or for ecological balance.

The specialty of this element is touch and word. This element enters in the house through the windows and doors. Brahmsthanis the perfect place for entry of this element in the house.
3. Water believed to be rainfall from the skies which filled up the gaps and low lying areas of the Earth.

Water is life. It is found is gaseous (clouds), solid (ice), and liquid forms. It is recommended that there should be correct ratio of water in the house which is combination of hydrogen and oxygen.
4. Earth that which was formed out of the molten rocks and which attracts all other elements because of its great magnetic force.

The South and North Pole of the earth are two magnetic poles of earth. The magnetic and gravitational power of the earth leaves its impact on living and non-living things. These magnetic waves continuously flow from both these poles. This flow is known as electro-magnetic flow. If the north portion of the house is low and the south portion is high then this energy will easily enter the house and will give benefic effect to the native and if vice versa the flow will stop. Magnetic rays travels in our body as they travel on the earth and if there will not be balance in both the energies then our mind will not work properly. That is why our seers have directed not to sleep in the northern direction because positive energy travels from head side and negative from leg side. If head is in northern direction then the positive rays clashes with the negative one and imbalance is created in the mind.
5. Fire the main source of life on earth. It plays an important part in vastu shastra since it is worshipped as the personification of God being the potential source of creation.
The oldest book on the earth is Rig-Veda and its very first couplet has the word agni in it which is clear that fire was the first thing which was explored by the man. The place assigned to this element is south-east direction of the home which is called agney kon. This place is best suited for construction of the kitchen in the home. Water source is never built in this place. The fire element is received by us through the Sun hence Sun is worshipped as a God. The windows should be constructed in such a manner that the sun rays enter in our home in early home. In noon the infra red rays of sun are not considered good for our body therefore the south-well wall of the house should be thick and high. Sun bath, through which we get vitamin D, is another source of getting energy from this element in the winter days.


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