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Vastu Shastra: Astrology and Vastu, Chapter II, Part - 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

For those belonging to `Cha’ Group

1. South – Own place, abundant pleasure and profit.

2. South West – Financial benefit, pilgrimage, meeting friends and relatives.

3. West – Extreme happiness etc.

4. North West – Physical illness, worry.

5. North – Enemity, professional fear, monetary loss.

6. North East – Difference of opinion, despondency.

7. East – Profit, pleasure from friends, wisdom.

8. South East - Fear from death, monetary loss.

For those belonging to `Ta’ group

1. South West – Own place, extreme profit, success.

2. West – Monetary strength, happiness and joy.

3. North West – More profits, happiness and joy, successful.

4. North – Physical illness, use of medicines, enemity.

5. North East – Place of enemies, fear, agitatio9n.

6. East – Mixed result, agitation, expenditure.

7. South East – appropriate, welfare, prosperity, profit in life.

8. South – Death, accident, cruelty

For those belonging to `Tha’ group

1. West – Own place, success, profit, happiness.

2. North West – Monetary strength, respect, suitability.

3. North – Happiness, prosperity, position, fame.

4. North East – Mixed result, enemity, illness.

5. East – Fear from enemies, humiliation, necessary activity, business.

6. South East – Agitation, fear, blame

7. South – Suitable, prosperity in life, fame.

8. South West – Fear of the death, difficulties and loss.

For those belonging to `Pa’ group

1. North West – Own place, progress in fortune, respect etc.

2. North – Happiness, auspicious, joy.

3. North East – Profit, fame, more relations, success.

4. East – Physical illness, agitation, medical use.

5. South East – Fear from enemies, blame, business.

6. South – Enemity, illness, professional pressure, expenditure.

7. South West – Suitable prosperity, profit, happiness.

8. West – Fatal, should be avoided.

For those belonging to `Ya’ group

1. North – Own place, profit, happiness, success.

2. North East – Pleasant, monetary strength.

3. East – Mental happiness, agricultural prosperity, fame.

4. South East – Physical illness, use of medicine, loss of health.

5. South – Trouble from enemies, political agitation.

6. South West – Enemity without any cause, expenditure, agitation.

7. West – Abundant wealth and crop, happiness, success.

8. North West – Fear from death, agitation. Responsible for accident.


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