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Mars & Mercury: Retrograde Mercury, Chapter XXIII, Part - 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Tenth House: In so far as the person’s profession in the past was concerned, there was a tendency on the part of the person to be rather indecisive, irresponsible, perhaps shiftless, and so these qualities caused him to lose favor with superiors, bringing about a loss of position and a lack of advancement. These same qualities prevented the individual from achieving any degree of recognition in whatever field he chose to follow. It would be safe to say that there was a degree of craftiness and deceitfulness involved in not only the job, but also in any governmental affairs. This person could easily have been a minor official in some government position and use his authority and position for self-advancement materially.

Retrograde Mercury in the 10th house stipulates discretion in speech, development of good perception, being observant and clever.

Any person with a retrograde Mercury in the 10th house could be very successful in a commercial field, or in a governmental clerical type of situation, if he practices sincerity, honesty and dependability.

By transmuting the negative qualities of retrograde Mercury in the 10th house, the person could do very well in some informational type of governmental service, or advertising.

Incidentally, the retrograde Mercury in the 10th house emphasizes the karmic debt to the mother, and it is very important how this is worked out, since Mercury, retrograde or not, always indicates in a chart how we work out our karma, and this is the house of the mother, so there is a Karmic tie with the mother. The native of the chart must discover the means of working off this karma.

Eleventh House: Retrograde Mercury in the 11th house deals with how we conducted our social life in the past, how we related in social functions, and what kind of friends we chose. Definitely, the friends were of a low type, more involved with physical activities – very possibly sexual activities – and more attention was placed upon the material types of social life – they were certainly not intellectually or culturally emphasized.

Many times, the retrograde Mercury in the 11th house shows that the person deliberately chose or associated with inferior types of people so that he would be the center of attention, that these people would look up to him. Thus, the motives behind friends selected were negative and the social affairs and social activities would likewise be negative. It brings out the superficiality which often accompanies Mercury.

The individual lacked good communication with his peers and superiors and so resorted to those less intelligent, less refined than he. The individual also tended to use others for his own pleasure and gain.

The lesson of retrograde Mercury in the 11th house is in being discriminative in selecting friends, in being a sincere friend, and in evaluating people properly. Social activities should center around mentally stimulating ones, and the ability to communicate with people on all levels should be developed.

Twelfth House: Primarily, retrograde Mercury in the 12th house shows that the individual did not work out any of his karma in a past lifetime. It tells that the subconscious soul qualities were neglected and not demonstrated in the person’s journey through life. Impulsive speech, rash actions, false discrimination developed many resentments and secret enemies. Being opposite to the 6th house, the native refused to accept the concept of service to others, and thus retarded his own spiritual development.

Here, the retrograde Mercury’s lesson is that the outer should reflect the inner, than the soul qualities must be developed and demonstrated in service to others. Self-awareness should be developed and coupled with group awareness as an over-all direction in life. Again, a sense of discretion should be developed where speech and action are involved in relations with others. Since Mercury is always involved with discrimination and judgements, anyone with a retrograde Mercury in the 12th house must curb the tendency to judge too quickly and to evaluate others. Much attention should be placed on being aware of Karmic debts and working these out in the everyday facets of living.

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