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Mars & Mercury: Ascendant - Analysis, Chapter XXIV, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Though the 1st, the 5th and the 9th lords are combined only in the 12th house yet they are fairly strong, as Venus lord of that house is in own house. See: Jupiter was in Lagna though in combustion within 6o of the Sun, and aspected the 9th, the house of fortune. True, the efficacy of Jupiter’s aspect will depend on his strength; for, the author of Uttara Kalamrita says an aspect is good and powerful only when the aspecting planet is in own house or in exaltation. At the same time, Kapila Nadi attributes efficacy to Jupiter’s aspect, even when he is in debility, or in combustion, as in this case; for, it says, though Jupiter may be burnt up in combustion by the Sun, his eyes are never burnt and his aspect has good effect. He died just before he was 60.

For Gemini Ascendant, Saturn lord of the 9th (and the 8th) may be in the 12th as lord of the 8th. The late Justice K.S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar was a Gemini native with Venus in the 5th in Libra but Saturn in the 12th, his success and prosperity as a Judge of the Madras High Court being in the Dasa of Venus lord of the 5th (and the 12th) excellency placed in the 5th with Mercury, Jupiter being in Lagna. Jupiter for Gemini Lagna is lord of the 7th and the 10th. As a lord of quadrants, he has Kendradhipatya Dosh. But, I should pause for a moment, to point out, the Kendradhipatya Dosh or the evil of ownership of quadrants cannot and does not affect Yoga or prosperity; for, the evil relates to his Maraka powers (or death-inflicting powers) when placed in the 2nd or the 7th or any other marakasthana, like the 3rd or the 6th or the 8th or the 12th. As lord of the 7th for a dual sign (Ubhaya Lagna) he becomes a baneful Badhakadhipati, so that some say that he is good when weak or in debility, and with instances like the horoscopes of late T.V. Muthukrishnier of the Madras Bar (one of whose sons passed the I.C.S.) and the late A. Lakshminarayanaier, a giant of the Madurai Bar, who (both) had Jupiter in debility in the 8th for Gemini ascendant. I do not have the full horoscope of the first gentleman. But, the late A. Lakshminarayanaier had Badhra Yoga, due to Mercury lord of the 1st and

The 4th in Virgo, aspecting the 10th, occupied by the Moon lord of the 2nd and by Saturn lord of the 9th. When the lord of the 2nd is in the 10th even a low-born becomes princely and rich. And, when Mercury lord of the Ascendant (and the 4th), and so the ruling planet is in a Kendra from the house causing Bhadra-Yoga, the native comes up in life and speaks well in assemblies or courts. The forensic eloquence of the late A. Lakshminarayanier was remarkable. On a smaller scale. The late Sadhu Ganapathi Pantulu, a leading lawyer of Thirunelveli, had Jupiter and Mercury in the 4th for Gemini Lagna.

The late V. Nadimuthu Pillai who inherited crores from his grandmother and was the main of Pattukottai and one of the leading men in Tanjore District, was a Gemini-native, with Mercury in the 4th in own house and Venus in own house in the 5th and Jupiter in the 8th in debility. He got a son, late in life, through a second wife.

But, Jupiter in the 9th or 10th in own house is found to be good for Gemini. Mr. Krishnaswamy Iyer, a leading lawyer of Vellore, is a Gemini-native. But, Jupiter as lord of the 10th in the 9th is even better; for, a natural benefic like Jupiter or Venus owning a Kendra and placed in the 5th or the 9th is excelled only by a natural benefic owning a time (the 5th or the 9th) and placed in a Kendra (quadrant). I give below two horoscopes to illustrate my point:-


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