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Mars & Mercury: Ascendant - Analysis, Chapter XXIV, Part - 9


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Anyway, Mercury, unless he sheds his sting of the 8th lordship and functions as lord of the 11th only, is baneful.

The Moon lord of the 9th is auspicious, though some say she is also Badhakadhipathi and cite the case of the Moon in the 8th having a father 90 year old. Anyway, the full Moon, as the lord of the 9th, must be regarded as auspicious indeed. I give below the horoscope of a native who though B.A., B.L., started in Judicial Ministerial Service as a clerk on Rs. 40 per month, Even then, I confidently predicted his rise to a Gazetted Officer’s grade and high preferments for him. I banked on the Neechabhanga Raja Yoga of Mars ruler of the Ascendant due to exalted Moon lord of the 9th in the 7th, and on the Sun lord of the 10th placed in the 5th.

I am glad to say that no only did he rapidly rise to a Sheristedar’s post but he was drafted to the Law-Secretariat, wherefrom after selection on paper as a District Munshiff he was wafted to the Central Law Secretariat drawing a four digit pay, much sooner than heh could have done if the was in regular Judicial Service, Now, I think he is in High Judicial Service in Goa. Lord of the 10th in the 5th is very good; and, in this case, the Sun lord of the 10th is in the 9th from the ruler of the Ascendant, in the 9th with distinct Neechabhanga Raja-Yoga. Verily, the Sun and the Moon (lords of the 10th and the 9th) are the most important planets and Yogakarakas for Scorpio. Jupiter comes very close next Subha.

In an earlier issue, I believe I gave the following horoscope, as an instance of Uchabhanga i.e. a marred Yoga:

The native is a congenital cripple (lame) of stunted growth, who cannot write and could not benefit by tuition. Mars lord of the 1st (and the 6th) is exalted but has Uchabhanga due to the baneful aspect of debilitated Saturn. Mere Rahu in the 12th cannot and does not cause lameness. The evil octopus is debilitated Saturn aspecting the 8th lord of Lagna and Rahu. He is above want, being a son of an officer. Mark Jupiter from the 5th aspecting the 9th and the 1st. But I am afraid the Dasa of Saturn in the 6th with Ketu and Venus luckily causing Shandatwa or impotency and allergy to sex in the lame native after the expiry of Jupiter’s period or even Jupiter’s Dasa Rahu sub-period may kill the native who has symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Another case of less marred Yoga, though for better than the above, is the horoscope of a male, given below:-

The fact, that the Sun and the Moon, the King and Queen of the planetary Logos, are the Yogakarakas factor Scorpio-Ascendant, as lords of the 10th and the 9th respectively is amply illustrated, in the horoscope of C.R. who was the first Indian Governor-General and is Bharata-Ratna, with the Sun lord of the 10th in Scorpio-Ascendant and the full Moon lord of the 9th exalted in Taurus in Kendra (the 7th) Jupiter is in the 3rd in debility; but, he has exchanged places with Saturn who is in Pisces. From Chandra-Lagna (natal Moon), which is stronger as the Moon is exalted in the 7th (a Kendra), Saturn is lord of the 9th and the 10th, very good in the 11th in Pisces; and, it is good, that Jupiter as the bad lord of the 8th (and the 11th) is in the 9th in debility. Even when nearing 90, C.R. is mentally aleret and active-the Moon being strong and aspected by Jupiter.

By way of comparison and contrast, I shall give the horoscope of a native, with ordinary Yoga, but connected and happy.

The native, a B.A., entered Judicial Ministerial service as a Clerk and gradually rose to be the Sheristedar of the District Court and draws a pension of Rs. 100 per month only- Mark lords of the 1st, the 9th and the 10th in the 12th. But, as the only son of his parents, he inherited a good dwelling-house. (Mark Saturn lord of the 4th in the 7th having Digbala aspected by Jupiter). He was two sons and one daughter-see Rahu in the 5th aspected by Jupiter. Jupiter, in Lagna with Digbala as lord of the 2nd and the 5th, is a divine asset and blessing, protecting one throughout life, and conferring calm due to contentment. Verily, as stated by Jataka Parijata, Jupiter strong in the Ascendant, especially, or in the 4th, gives generally a happy life.

Shanker Adawal

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