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Mars & Mercury: Upayas – Malefic Mars, Chapter XVIII, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Enchantment of following mantra for 108 time getting up early in the morning after having bath will give miraculous effect to the naitve:

Devatanamrishinancha Gurug Kanakasamsivam”

It is also a costlier gemstone which improves memory of the persons concerned. It also helps the persons affected by ailments of epilepsy, amoebiasis, Schizophrenia and hysteria. Mercury is said to be the planet of intelligence although it is a smallest one in the solar system for which the Emerald is suggested. That is why for the higher studies research oriented studies and business administration of Emerald is used according to proportion it is sure to get benevolent effect. It reopens the channels of multi intelligence. Ability to speak, deliver lectures and argue with others are the special qualities of Emerald to get instant effect.

SAPPHIRE (Pokhraj: Pushparag) –

Sapphire is advised for the proposition of Jupiter if it is ill fated or posited adversely in the Rashi Chart. Jupiter is treated as “Devaguru” as per Puranas. As per Greek puranas, Jupiter was the king of Debatas. It is aged, having Sattaguna and religious nature. The colour of Jupiter is sometimes white and sometimes yellowish. In general it is said to be the planet for development of human fate and destiny. Yellow Sapphire is suggested to use for Jupiter which is available in Vietnam, Thailand, Ceylon, Burma and Queensland.

If Jupiter is in the natal chart or debilitated in the palm for the point of view of mount, following disease may take place: anaemia, throat trouble, headache, constipation, Gout, trouble in hand and arm, pleurisy, tuberculosis, Dropsy, intestinal obstruction, fever, heart ailment, cirrhosis of lever, piles breathing trouble, sudden bleeding etc. Even loss of prestige, finance, and trouble in business is noticed.

Following mantra may be enchanted 108 time for the satisfaction of Jupiter:-

Bandabhutam Trilokesang

Tang namami Brihaspatim”

Instead of it, root of “Bamanhati” tree may be used with yellow colour thread on Thursday. It is better to use yellow Sapphire in gold ring on Thursday.

While practice, we have noticed that persons born in different moon signs are interested to know which gemstones should be used. For the convenience of them I am citing here the gemstones and moon signs:-

1. Aries


2. Gemini


3. Virgo


4. Mars


5. Mercury


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