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Mars & Mercury: Mercury in Various Houses, Chapter XX, Part - 8


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Baadaran: Soumye chaalpasutatvam. He has few sons.


Yavanmath: Budhastu palyaahitabandhusaukhyam bandhou praavaasakrita dhivaasam. He has a devoted wife and many good friends. However, if there is any malefic planet in the orbit of the Fourth House, the person ends up having to stay at other people’s house.

Kashinath: Chaturthe chandraputre cha bahubhritya-shonvitaha. Atuvaakyo bhaagyayuktaha satyavaadi cha jaayate. He has many servants and has a lot of prestige. He speaks wisely. Gyo vittahaa yamayamaihi. Suffers loss of wealth at age 22.

Vasishtha: Saukhyanvitam cha dhanam. He is wealthy and happy.

Jayadeva: Sadhanavaahanageetagunostano grihasukhaha sukhagaga shashijo vashaha. He has wealth. Vehicles, is an excellent musician, travels a lot and acquires much glory away from the house.

Narayanabhatt: Chaturthe charechandrajashchaarumitro visheshaadhikrid bhoominaatho ganasya. Bhavel lekhako likhyate vaa taduktaantaadaashaaparaihi paitrikam no dhanam cha. He has many friends, is usually a king or a minister or holds some other very important position. He is a writer or one whose words are written down by others around him. He has no ancestral wealth inheritance.

Jeevanath: Everything he has said is the same as Jeevanath.

Jaageshwar: Budhe tooryage vaibhavedishtikaadhyaihi piturbhaagyavaan sundar. His father’s genes making him good looking and fortunate.

Mantreshwara: Sankhyavaan chaatuvaakyaha. He is an excellent mathematician and speaks well.

Aryagranthakar: Bahutaradhanpurno bhratrihartaa cha paape bahutarabahupatni poornagihe swatunge. Taralamatirlajjaha ksheenajandhaha kushaangaha shishumvayamsi cha rogi bandhusansthe kumara. He is very wealthy. If Mercury is in a malefic influence, then the person’s brothers are destroyed. If it is strong or in an exalted position the person has many wives. His intellect is sharp and his physique is lean and fit. He is shameless and contracts many diseases at a young age.

Gholap: Good looking, has many vehicles, friendly with the king or ruler, this person lives in a good locality. He enjoys power and is brave. He is wealthy and has command of many different skills and sciences.

Hillajaatak: Dwaavimshe chathurthagaha putram cha. He has a son at the age of 22.

Yavanmat: His body is dehydrated. His son causes him much unhappiness. He does not complete work that he begins and that causes him much unhappiness. He is friendly and speaks sweetly. He, however, is a man whose words and actions are radically different. He is not reliable and often forgets promises he made. He is very lazy.

Paaschaatya Math (Western Thought): If Mercury is in Gemini or Virgo then the person’s life is good towards old age. He has many concerns. His inner voice is strong and his ability to concentrate is excellent. If Saturn is in a malefic influence with mercury the person could be cheated or betrayed into losing his wealth. His parents are good people.

Agyaath: Dhairyavaan, vishaalaakshah, maatripirtisukhayuktaha. Vibhooshaayoshaangam pravarturagaanaam. This person is knowledgeable and happy. Shodashavarshe dravyaapahaararoopena bahulaabhaprado bhavati. Gurushukrashaniyute aneka vaahanaavaan. Bhaavadhipebalayute aandolika praatihi. Raahuketushaniyute vaahanarishtavaan kshetre sukhavarjitaha. Bandhukuladweshi. He is brave, happy and wise. His eyes are large and attractive. His parents are good people. He has good ornaments and women. He has many, fine horses. He benefits greatly at age 16 by receiving wealth from others outside the family. If Mercury is in combinationwith Jupiter, Venus or Saturn, he gets many vehicles and if it is combination with Rahu, Ketu or Saturn then he is scared of moving vehicles. He has no land and exerts his power unfairly and with anger over his servants.


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