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Mars & Mercury: Mercury, Chapter XIX, Part - 7


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mercury as a significator of illness: Grihhayyodaraadrishyasameerakushtthamandaagni shoolagrahani roogaadhyai. Budhaadivishnupriyadaasabhootairateeva duhukha shashijaha karoti. Illness affecting the marrow, gastric disorders, leprosy and ailments relating to the system of air in the body. Mandaagni or lack of appetite, lethargic, tormented by Sangrahani and other ghosts who attend Lord Vishnu, are characteristics of Mercury. On this subject William Lily says extreme inertia, giddiness, madness, limited brain functioning, brain diseases, disease in the tongue, extreme ego, hallucinations, difficulty in concentration, heavy or cracked voice, respiratory ailments, asthma, tuberculosis, cough, sore throat, dry throat, muteness, nightmares, depression, childhood illnesses dizziness are some of the ailments caused by Mercury.

My observation: Examinations (both oral and written), scholars, department of posts and telegraphs, Railway, share bazaar, employees of banks and insurance companies, big firms, correspondents, science, immunology, accounts, mathematics, Evidence Act, Stamp Act, registration Act, essay writing, study of mother tongues, interpreters of ancient languages, finger print experts, environmentalists, metallurgy, psychologists, word play, debating platforms, classrooms and universities, law and justice departments, typists, graphologists, astronomy, art of reading faces and foreheads, calculus, accounts and paper factors are governed by Mercury.

Debate on Ancient schools of thought: A lot of what Kalyanavarma says can be discarded safely as it is useless. Sculpture is significated by Venus which with its golden colouring is the ruler of wealth and hence Mercury cannot even be considered a factor. Baidhyanath’s observations have been borne out by my own experiences. Thought, speech and learning these seem guided by Mercury. The reason he’s accorded significator status to Mercury vis-a-vis relationships with in-laws, children’s in-laws and siblings is because in neutral horoscopes, it is Mercury which is the lord of the Third House and these lie there. Similarly in a neutral horoscope, the Sixth House is also ruled by Mercury and hence maternal aunts and uncles, as well as foes are closely connected to the influence of Mercury.

The debates of scholars (that are published so frequently in newspaper and magazine columns these days) and war strategy are also the domain of Mercury as is the tenor of voice as this is a part of the properties of the Third House in a neutral horoscope. A bachelor is ruled by Mars in Aries while a spinster is ruled by Venus in Taurus and hence their third counterpart Gemini is ruled by Mercury, A fated coinciding of the male and the female is the begetter of voice. Malefic Mercury is but a piece of the Sun and hence it could be treated as a prince among planets since we take the Sun to be the king. Since evil deeds are also the result of brain activity, it is generally considered that Mercury is a significator here too.

Though Parashar has ascribed Mercury as a significator for astrology I believe the reference is more apt for astronomy. Swayam Vyankatesh Shastri Ketkar, Navateji, Raphael, Vasudev Shastri Khare have all acquired great glory because of Mercury. However, those who have malefic Mercury traversing their horoscopes will get no success in astronomy no matter how hard they try. Mercury grants masculine blessings if it is reflected through a masculine sign and similarly grants feminine blessings if it is reflected through a feminine signs. To succeed in astrological sciences it is necessary that mercury’s influence is supported by the much stronger Neptune which is the ruler of all inner knowledge and sixth sense.

In mathematics, the pure science of mathematics, trigonometry and calculus are governed by Mercury; it also governs dance and choreography. However, the logic for both these is specified nowhere. My own theory is that since dancers and choreographers in ancient times were inevitably eunuchs and the then prevalent theory that Mercury is a gender neutral planet could have led to this belief. In fact the Mahabharata narrates a tale where Arjun posing as a eunuch taught dance at the court of a king so perhaps the ascribing of Mercury’s influence over dance and related fields can be found here.


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