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Mars & Mercury: Matrimony and Evils of Mars (Kuja Dosh), Chapter VI, Part 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Jataka Parijata- The subject will be engaged in wandering in pursuit of metallurgy and agriculture, hot tempered.

Phaladeepika- The Jataka will be ugly faced, devoid of learning and wealth, will be dependent on bad people.

Comments- The thorough investigation of family, countenance Dekkhin Netra, eloquence, cause of death etc., is done by the placement of Mars in the second house. Due to full aspect (Purna Drishti) of Mars from second Bhava on fifth Bhava, there will be loss of Dhan (finance) and progeny. Drishti Nikshepe on 8th house and 9th house (Bhava) causes damage to health and lock respectively. There is a saying in Sanskrit:

The Second Bhavasth Mangal unusually dangers the health of life partner and increase undesirable problems in the family. Generally under this position of Mars difference of opinion between couple, family quarrels and money problems prevail.

Mars in the Fourth House

Brihat Jataka- The subject will have no happiness and will be of troubled mind.

Saravali- devoid of relatives, garments, food and house without vehicle, unhappy and will be living in other’s house.

Jataka Parijata- The person will have little connections with relations and will be a henpecked husband though valiant and unconquered by women.

Phaladeepika- The person is without friends, mother, lands, happiness house and vehicles.

Comments- In the matter of marital aspect the 4th house is called Sukh Sthana (happiness) also. Pleasure objects like house, land vehicle, household goods (utensils and furniture etc.), mental harmony are an accordance of this Bhava only. Although fourth Bhavasth Mars is a good disposition of immovable property, this position is malefic for the stability of happiness and peace. From here Mars casts full aspect of seventh Bhava on account of which it becomes impossible to establish proper equation with the life Partner. Preceptors have explained harmful effects (Mars Dosh), caused by fourth Bhavasth Mars. Here evil of Mars is only 5%. So one having Mars in the 4th house is said to be a light Mangali. Under this position of Mars, stubbornness, hot temperament and lack of ability of adjustment with each other causes damage to marital life.

Mars in the Seventh Bhava

Brihat Jataka – The subject suffers humiliation at the hands of women.

Saravali – The subject’s wife dies, troubled by diseases, following bad path, unhappy, sinful life devoid of wealth. Troubled mind and charmless body.

Jataka Parijata – Jataka will be quarrelsome about women and fond of war.

Phaladeepika – The person is born to do improper acts, suffer affliction through diseases, wanders on roads and loses his wife.

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