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Mars & Mercury: Mars & Nadi Astrology, Chapter X, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

In the beginning the power of Semen for husband will be high and in subsequent times, when semen power goes down, then the man tries to seek other females rather than his wife to meet his needs.

Note: If Venus is also exalted in native’s chart with Moon, in such looking, still his wife may not be able to enjoy happiness in sexual affairs, hence will be thinking of having outside contact to quench her sexual thirst.

Mars in Capricorn who is in exalted position, but not actually exalted because, the anti-clockwise Dragon-Head is fast approaching Mars from Aquarius, i.e., the major enemy is coming from the top and hence Mars is afraid of life, will be at stake.

The native in the beginning will be full of pride but has to come down when there is rebuff.

In a female chart she remains calm, not exhibiting her temperament, she is obedient and fearful of elders, and her husband sometimes charges with anger and in short time cools down.

Mars is in Capricorn with Moon and here, of course, Mars is powerful. But because of Capricious nature, the native quarrels with his elder brother and walks away from the house (driven out of the house).

In female charts, husband comes from distant place of living.

Mars is exalted, but he is with inimical planet Dragon-Head and hence and exalted power of Mars goes down and the native cannot exercise his courage properly.

In female chart her husband will have same nature (as explained above).

Common to both male/female charts: They will be emotional types.

Mars is exalted, anti-clockwise Dragon-Head is coming from Aquarius, Saturn is in Sagittarius and this is an indication that the exalted Mars is under the control of inimical planets Dragon-Head and Saturn in adjoining signs. Here Mars cannot remain exalted because of the reason he is under enemy’s control.

Hence the native cannot exercise his courage, because of enemies in adjacent signs.

In female charts, her husband looks fair and appears powerful, but may not be able to exercise his power full and in such cases, she cannot have sexual pleasure in its appropriate sense, with her husband. Because Mars is the husband and Venus in any other sign (except in Capricorn) cannot enter the enjoy life with Mars. In such cases (female) her husband nature, his association with life and the conjured relations between husband and wife cannot be congenial.

Mars is exalted, but he is debilitated Jupiter and thus indicating that some power of exalted Mars remains, due to interchange between Jupiter and Saturn (Saturn in Sagittarius). Mars will have association with Saturn and therefore, the first part of the native’s life will be good in respect of position and status and in second part gets reduced.

In female charts, the native’s husband’s health will not be good (due to weakness in blood) but anyhow, sometimes assumes good position, but later on this position and status gets reduced.

Exalted is with Dragon-Tail and Saturn, even here, exaltation power is less because, Mars and Saturn are brother, in between them there is quarrelling because of Dragon-Tail, hence Mars loses his strength, besides Saturn also loses his strength.

In female charts her husband’s career suffers breaks and these will be ruptures in family happiness, restlessness and unhappy situations, disputes etc.

Mars is exalted with Jupiter and hence there is real power and hence the native will be a good administrator.

In female charts, husband will be good but he suffers some indisposition.

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