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Mars & Mercury: Mars and Venus in Marriage, Chapter V, Part 9


Dr. Shanker Adawal

26. If Mars be the Ruling planet in a horoscope and be in bad aspect with Neptune it leads to unbridled licence. Passions are strongly marked and there is much emotional disturbance. The native seeks sex gratification, if not outside by self-indulgence. Also, there may be some scandal and disrepute pertaining to some love affairs.

27. Unless there are strong benefics in the 7th house or aspecting it, if Mars be the lord of the 7th house, it is unfavourable for disputes. And the person would not be well advised to go to a court of law in connection with marriage suit or divorce.

28. (a) Mars (representing the sexual urge in female) if afflicted in a female nativity shows non-fulfillment of such craving.

(b) If Mars be very weak and be in conjunction square or opposition to an elevated Saturn of (Saturn in first or the 7th house) the female may remain a spinster. See also for confirmation, whether barren signs are on the cusps of 5th and 7th house.

The sex outlook of the Signs ruled by Mars


Aries is a rash, impetuous, and headstrong sign, impulsive in love affairs and marriage as in everything else. It is passionate. At the same time there is deal of idealism. Sexual indulgence is a matter more of sudden impulse than of deliberate seeking. It is a positive type which does not harmonise well with a positive partner. It tends to seek some of a weaker nature whom it can impress with its masculine qualities and can protect.

A man with Aries rising is attracted by beauty and apparent helplessness. He needs a wife content to remain in the background and duly admire his powers and ability when it is expected of her.

Normally Aries is a better sign for a man than for a woman. The Aries woman is too masterful, too much of a whirlwind in the house. She is capable, generous, easily becomes loud, self-opinionated, shrewish, and “bossy” under affliction.

The Aries nature is an intense one, capable of sudden violence and great jealousy. With suitable afflictions, especially from Mars or Uranus, a sadistic tendency can easily develop. By itself, it is too direct, simple and primitive a sign to lend itself readily to perversion.

It strives for leadership, whether in man or woman. Unless the partner is content to be led, constant friction will develop. Partly for this reason Aries marriages are often unhappy though other factors contribute to cause disharmony.

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