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Mars & Mercury: Influence of Mars on Vastu – Child Birth & Marriage, Chapter IV, Part 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Example two

Wife born on 7-1-1912 latitude 15-52 and longitude 74-34

Husband born on 1826 at 8 a.m. latitude 17 and longitude 74-30

They were married in February 1924 and her husband died six years later. This is because Saturn is behind Mars.

Example three

This woman was born in Ratnagiri on a Friday in 1836.

Example Four

Wife born in 1847 in Mumbai at latitude 18-58

Husband born in Ratnagiri in 1836 at latitude 17-08

They were married in May 1939 but the husband went mad immediately thereafter and the wife was unhappy throughout her marriage. Both has planets like the Sun, Saturn, Mercury or Sun, Mars and Mercury in their ascendants.

Example Five

Wife born in 1836 latitude 16-10

Husband born in 1826 latitude 12-30

Since Saturn is in the seventh phase of the Sun, Mars and Mercury they had no children and due to this the husband was prosperous but the minute they had a son they ran the risk of their linage being wiped out.

Example Six

This woman was born on a Monday at Vade in Thana District in 1835

Example Seven

Wife born under Bhadrapada star and Husband born on 28-5-1919 at Mumbai on a Wednesday morning.

They were married in May 1939 but the husband became ill immediately thereafter and died in January 1941. Both had Mars in the House of Expenditure where several astrologers have predicted the husband’s death. Since Saturn, Rahu and Sun were in the wife’s ascendant she was destined to be widowed. Vasishtha has said Rahu, Sun or Mars in the ascendant, is a certain sign of widowhood. So since the wife had three planets influencing the husband’s death and the husband’s horoscope had only one portending the wife’s death the wife’s horoscope won out.

Example Eight

Wife born on 15-11-1923 at sunrise. Husband born on 7-4-1916 at 4.20 a.m.

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