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Mars & Mercury: Impact of Various Nakshatras Ruled by Mars, Chapter XVI, Part 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

3. The following are the additional characteristics of native born in this star but in:

First quarter:-

Diplomatic; truthful; always in the habit of chanting hymns or uttering God’s native; mediating and modest.

Second Quarter, which is called NAPUMSAKAAMSA:-

Interested in music, especially in the use of fiddle; logician; leadership; intelligent.

Third Quarter, which is called ABHAYAAMSA:-

Restless and indecisive; possesses beautiful but unreliable wife.

Fourth Quarter, which is called NEECHAAMSA:-

Poor; irreligious; repulsive personality; harmful to others; suffers want of finance.

4. General Indications for one born on this star:-

a. Within the first six months, fear of death;

b. During 7th year – fever due to upset of bile and trouble.

During 16th year – from quadrupeds;

c. During 37th year – upset of bile and interested disorders.

d. During 64th year – which, if the native survives, will enjoy longevity upto 80 years.

5. Birth Marks:


6. Puberty:

A girl attaining puberty on this day will enjoy birth of children, prosperity and landed prosperity.

7. For EVERYONE, this day is good for:

ROOTHU, PUMSAVANA, NAMA KARANA, ANNA PRASANA, UPANAYANA, ear-boring, Vedic and other studies, marriage, oil bath, wearing new dress & ornaments, coronation, occupying houses, using conveyances for the first time, processions, all agricultural operations, religious rites, shaving etc.

8. Fever/Diseases:

Fever starting on this day will entail fear of death or will cease after 30 days.

9. journeys:

Good for journeys in all directions after food.


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