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Mars & Mercury: Impact of Various Nakshatras Ruled by Mars, Chapter XVI, Part 1

Chapter 16

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Ashwini (Aries)

1. Notable Personality born on this star:

Aswathama, President W.G. Harding (USA)

2. Characteristics of native born on this star:

Long life; tall and bulky body; long hands; moderate-sized nostrils; broad eyes; handsome appearance; liked by all; clever, cunning and wise; respected by highly placed persons; fancy for wearing ornaments; taste for low-class company and rogues; daring or chivalrous; greedy or mean; wavering or indecisive; taste for liquid diet; neat & reputed.

3. The following are the additional characteristics of native born in this star but in:

First quarter of his star (i.e. when MOON is passing between 0o 00o = 3o 20’ Aries) which is called TASKARAAMSA:-

Birth in well-to-do family; will enjoy happy life; fearless or interested in fighting; tale-bearing; interested also in women other than wife; highly sexed; will steal if necessity arises.

Second Quarter, which is called BHOGYAMSA:-

God-fearing and charitable, lustrous; one whose prosperity in the matter of finance and agriculture goes on increasing; very healthy; knowledge of SOUL.

Third Quarter, which is called VILAKSHA’ AMSA:-

Birth in well-to-do family; destined to enjoy all kinds of happiness; one who will succeed in any encounter; high thinking.

Fourth Quarter, which is called DHARMAAMSA:-

Devotion to God and King and never leaving the path of a gentleman in all his actions; highly charitable; devotion to LORD SHIVA.

4. General Indications for one born on this star:-

a. The first major period is that of KETU (Dragon’s Tail) running for SEVEN YEARS, whose effects are malefic in nature.

b. Those born within the first two Ghatikas (Ghatika = 24 minutes) (i.e. within 48 minutes from the time Moon enters Aries)- life of the child born will be in danger.

c. During the first year, there will be fear from fire.

d. During the 3rd year, stomachal disorders;

e. During the 5th year, eye diseases;

f. During the 6th year, financial losses;

g. During the 20th year, venereal diseases/diseases due to excess of heat;

h. During the 21st year, fear for death;

i. During the 24th year, fear from thieves or quadrupeds;

j. During the 34th year, diseases with fear of death, which if the native survives, will live upto 96th year enjoying happiness and ultimately attaining peace in Heaven.


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