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Mars & Mercury: Diagnosis of Diseases - Mars, Chapter XI, Part 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal


23. Mars, Jupiter, Moon: 00-00-00 – 00-33-20.

For ladies, profuse bleeding during monthly period.

24. Mars, Jupiter, Mars: 0-33-20 – 1-20-00.

Quick recovery from disease as Mars is for quickness as well as resistance and Jupiter is God’s grace. Venereal distemper.

25. Mars, Jupiter, Rahu: 1-20-00 – 3-20-00.

According to the planet which Rahu represents in his horoscope, prediction should be made.

26. Mars, Saturn, Saturn: 3-20-00 – 5-26-40.

(Scorpio being the sign of sexual organ and water also) hence piles and diseases in ovary, swcanty flow of monthly to ladies.

27. Mars, Saturn, Mercury: 5-26-40 – 7-20-00.

Saturn is always for stone and bone hence diseases he would have are gravel, stone in bladder (Scorpio) is sexual organ, adenoids.

28. Mars, Saturn, Ketu: 7-20-00 – 8-6-40.

Predict according to the planet which is represented by Ketu in his horoscope.

29. Mars, Saturn, Venus: 8-6-40 – 10-20-00.

Good health, robust, venereal distemper as Scorpio denotes sexual organ and Saturn a chronic, Mars for boils and Venus Kama hence ever dreaming other sex.

30. Mars, Saturn, Sun: 10-20-00 – 11-30-00.

Healthy body, steady due to Sun, gets irritated due to Mars and Sun.

31. Mars, Saturn, Moon: 11-30-00 – 12-6-40.

Puss (Moon as liquid and Saturn) for Puss and Mars for boil/cut etc. Gonorrhoea chronic ailment. Renal stone (Saturn for stone).

32. Mars, Saturn, Mars: 12-6-40 – 12-53-20.

If 6th cusp falls her then bleeding piles Mars for blood and boil and Saturn shows a chronic disease and Scorpio sign shows the part of the body. Saturn for stone, bladder shown by the sign hence stone in bladder.


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