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Mars & Mercury: Conjunction of Various Planets Ruled by Mars, Chapter XVII, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Mars-Jupiter aspect, indicating such positive and outgoing energy, is an extremely fortunate aspect in terms of success and accomplishment. However, there are a few drawbacks, due especially to the hot, malefic aspect that Mars bestows on Jupiter. The person will have little success or happiness in the areas of religion and spirituality. He may have arguments with gurus or spiritual teachers. The person may be arrogant and lacking humility. He may possess a hot temper. The person makes an excellent showman or performer. He is good on stage and outshines all his peers. He is as dramatic and theatrical as an individual can be. He loves a good challenge and beats his competitors with ease. The person is honest, direct and practical.

Mars Opposite Jupiter

If Mars is opposite Jupiter, the person is an extremist. He lacks balance and moderation, does not knows when to quit, and is often foolishly fearless. There may be poor judgement and an overly confident nature. Many individuals with these aspects are impetuous, biased and opinionated. The person may annoy others with conceit and exaggerated importance. He may give new meaning to the concept of arrogance. He excels in sports and loves to compete. He is a natural fighter and wins more often than not. There is a strong sex drive, and plenty of energy to get his desires fulfilled. The person has a tendency to overextend himself. He may vacillate between extreme vitality and laziness. He may be overly indulgent in pleasures and should be careful not to consume too many sweets or oils. As always such Jupiter afflictions, the liver is at risk. Though the person lacks common sense and temperance, success is favored. He takes risks easily and is impervious to the opinions of others. He is unyielding in his convictions. He is energetic and spirited. He is rarely, if ever, to be dissuaded from pursuing his goals. The person may have a tendency to irritate or antagonize others. He enjoys winning, and bragging about his conquests. There may be difficulties with gurus or religious teachers.

Mars Conjunct Saturn

If Mars is conjunct Saturn, the person lives a life of restrained impulses. His energy comes in spurts. Sometimes he is too controlled; at other times, he is too aggressive. The Mars-Saturn conjunction is a difficult one to endure as it is perfectly paradoxical. On one hand, restrictive-natured Saturn dampness every paradoxical. One one hand, restrictive-natured Saturn dampness every single impulse the person has the instant it occurs. However, Saturn also gives reality, form, and structure to the desire nature. Thus, the person vacillates between inhibiting his urges and fulfilling them with a vengeance. It is a frustrating way to live. It is decidedly painful during childhood, when restrictiveness from parents and authorities is already the order of the day. The combination of the two traditional malefic may also give on overabundance of negative energy. The person is capable of extraordinary anger, coldness, malicious intent, and destructiveness. When his frustrations peak, he can experience fits of rage. He is capable of deviousness, and a profound or subtle meanness. He may experience a few colossal accidents in his time. As with all truly unwelcomed and difficult astrological aspects, the extremities of such behaviour are likely to be experienced more readily during childhood and adolescence. The person is an excellent problem solver. He is adept in mechanics and any technical field. He is practical, down-to-earth and good at advising others. The person is extremely courageous. He is tough and able to withstand adversity. The person loses opportunities because of his inability to secure the moment. He does well in sports, the military, police work or any Mars oriented career.

Mars Opposite Saturn

If Mars is opposite Saturn, the person’s desires and impulses are subject to immediate restrictions and censorship. The person suffers from a continual “push-pull” energy, and his life lacks ease, spontaneity, and grace. There may be a distinct lack of purpose and direction, causing frustration and a pervasive feeling of futility. The person gives up on his goals and ambitions because he is confused about how to properly assert himself and put his desires ahead of his peers and competitors. He is missing a sense of balance and appropriateness regarding aggressiveness, and fears that in order to genuinely pursue his aspirations he must be ruthless or merciless. Being uncomfortable with such options, he may simply choose to abandon his cravings and relinquish his passions. Or, even more commonly, he waits interminably for circumstances to conform to his desires, as if nature will magically fulfill his needs. The person may start many projects which he never completes. He misses out on opportunities through life because of hesitation and failure to secure the moment. There may be a big temper. Because the person feels irrationally blocked, he may occasionally throw tantrums or experience fits of rage. He may be irritable or often negative.


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