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Mars & Mercury: Mars in Various Houses, Chapter III, Part - 13


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Parashar: Panchame pitrihaanim cha dhanaayatisutau yashaha. His father dies but he gets a lot of wealth, children and glory.

Lomash Samhita: Arko raahuhu kuja saurilagne tishtati panchame pitaram maataram hanta bhraataram cha shishun kramaataha. If Mars is in the ascendant or the Fifth House, the Sun causes the father’s death, Rahu causes his mother’s death, Mars causes the brother’s death and Saturn causes his children to die.

Unknown: Nirdhanaha putraabhaavaha dumaargee rajakopaha shashta varshe aayudhena kimchichchanda kaalaha durvaasanagyaanvaan maayavaadi teekshnagheehi. Ucche swakshetre putrasamriddhihi budhibhranshaadirogaha. Ranghreshe paapayute paapi veeraha. Dantraputrayogaha. Putraarti durmatihi swajanaivaardi udare vyaadhihi. Patnikashtam. He is poor, sonless, badly behaved, suffers the King’s anger. When he is six he sustains an injury from a weapon. He has sinful thoughts and habits. In Capricorn, Aries and Scorpio the person has many sons, donates large quantities of grain to the poor, and has authority. His enemies cause him suffering. If Mars is in any hostile influence his children are destroyed, his brain is infected with disease. If Mars is enslaved by the Lord of the Sixth House the person is brave but sinful. His son’s death causes him grief and he has to adopt a son to be his heir. He quarrels with his own people, suffers from gastric disorders and his wife leaves him.

My Thoughts: All the malefic properties mentioned by astrologers so far apply to masculine signs. The good traits mentioned apply only to feminine signs excepting Capricorn. It is worth noting that except Parashar all have mentioned only negative traits of Mars in this position. All these negative things like loss in financial ventures, son’s death, son’s destruction, son’s illness, discontent in the family, death of father and brothers, childlessness, wife’s miscarriages, stupidity, wickedness, poverty, fear of fire and weapons, cruelty, travel, bravery, corruption, cancer, harassment by sons, stupidity, extreme hunger, sinful nature, jail term, foolishness, keeping company of fools, loss of prestige, angry temperament, destructive nature, are all applicable to masculine signs and Capricorn. The positive traits laid out by Brihadyavanajaatak and Western Thought are seen in feminine signs. Parashar is wrong when he predicts the father’ death as the Fifth House has no connection to the father’s life. He may have said this merely because from the Tenth House, the Fifth House is in the eighth place which has a say on the father’s life but he is still wrong.

My Experience: Sons are born and do remain alive in all feminine signs except Capricorn and also in Gemini which is a masculine sign. The first son, however, dies. In other signs the mother miscarries, the child is born dead or alternatively dies before the age of five. But this is because of the sins committed by the mother in a previous life. At such times the mother’s horoscope should be examined or she should be asked what type of dreams she has to be able to interpret why this is taking place. She could be suffering from any one of these problems: pain during her menstrual periods, irregular periods, pain during sex etc. If Mars is in a feminine sign, the person’s wife has three sons but they are wicked. If the first born is a girl she will survive. As far as what Parashar has said about the father’s destruction my experience is: If there is a malefic influence in the ascendant, in the House of Wealth, Fourth House, Fifth House of Sixth House the father’s death is likely. Similarly if there is a malefic influence in the Seventh, Ninth, Eighth, Tenth or House of Profit the mother’s likely. Another verse Parashar has written goes like this, the father’s death should be predicted after checking what planet rules the house which is in fourth place from the Sun and mother’s death should be predicted after checking the ruler of the house five places from the Moon, while friends deaths can be predicted after checking the situation in the eleventh place. If Mars is in a feminine sign in the Fifth House, the person doesn’t have wealth but he does not want for prestige and honour. If it is in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, his education relates to Army, police, forestry, engineering, aeronautical sciences, driving, technology etc. In Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn the person’s education relates to surveys, geology, overseeing, tailoring etc. In Gemini, Libra or Aquarius the person’s career and studies are in the direction of medicine, medical practice, defence law etc. In Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces it is surgery, history but with an honours degree. Mars in the Fifth House signifies prestige. Mr. Bhate Buva and the late Dadasaheb Khaparde are people whose horoscopes are perfect examples of mars in the Fifth House. Their manner is businesslike and their attitude friendly. Marriage occurs late in life. Their voices are sweet but effeminate. In the horoscope of J N Joshi, a renowned singer of a firm called “His Master’s Voice” Mars was in the Fifth House in Capricorn, He was married late to a woman from a different caste. In this situation, those who take bribes are caught early. They are well-dressed people who are well versed in skills required in the bedroom. They do not have difficulty in pleasing women. They are dominated by a desire to succeed and be honoured. They tend to squander money and can be debauched. Now see an example of a man in whose horoscope a melodious voice came built in.


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