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Mars and Mercury: Mars, Chapter II, Part - 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Now let us debate what these astrologers have said:

Satva – Saamarthya: This planet has both physical and mental courage. The courage needed by people in the military, police, soldiers, engineers, drivers is the domain of Mars. The second type of courage is that required by those who are involved in the development of the nation – that is politicians and statesmen. And that too is the domain of Mars. These people want revolutionary change and are willing to lay down their lives for it. The mental courage of these people who face adversity – they are extremely stubborn – is also granted by Mars. Those freedom fighters who were in India 1908 were also powered by Mars.

Neta: (General in the Army): Almost all astrologers have ascribed the property of generalship to this planet.

Metal: All ancient astrologers have said that the element of the brain is ruled by Mars. In my opinion this may be because the brain element is close to the head on which Mars is said to have power. We all know that body fat is ruled by Jupiter and Mars rules the flesh and hence I believe that only Mantreshwar is right when he says that Mars is the ruler of the flesh and bones.

Place: Everyone has said that Mars is the ruler of the fireplace. If one looks at this planet from the naked eye it appears to glow like fire and I suspect that it is Mars’ colouring which makes people say that it is the ruler of the fireplace. The condition of a person’s kitchen can be assessed by examining the location of Mars in his horoscope. The statement that Mars is the ruler of thieves and the lowly appears incorrect. These people should be ruled by Saturn but the contention that Mars rules the battlefield if correct. Not only does Mars rule the battlefield, the side it tilts towards is the side which wins.

Garments: Kalyanavarma and Parashar have described bright colourful garments. The others have said the person’s clothes are brunt. Even people have a saying that clothes tear on Monday, get burnt on Tuesday (the day ruled by Mars) and on Wednesday the day ruled by Mercury they remain fine. This is why people believe that one should not wear new clothes on a Tuesday. Personally I disagree with the point that Mars has any influence in a person’s clothes being burnt. Here I tend to agree with Kalyanavarma. I believe, moreover, that Mars rules the clothes of policemen and soldiers and that is why these people have sturdy, durable uniforms.


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