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Mars and Mercury: Mars, Chapter II, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal


History over thousands of years h as proved that all nations, societies and individuals need a protector. In the absence of such a protector, that nation, society or individual is put to great suffering and instability. Heinous crimes like murder, dacoities, and general arson become the order of the day and chaos prevails. To prevent exactly this kind of chaotic atmosphere and to ensure that society is peaceful, was invented the law and for its enforcement, the police. The small baton in the hands of a policeman, and his khaki uniform are proof of society’s control over crime.

After man’s body developed, he developed a conscience because he needed strength for protection and development. Similarly when the ruler and the people become one as a nation, it needs strength to protect itself and a conscience to control how that strength is used. Or more precisely, to ensure that strength is not misused. If man does not have strength he is akin to a corpse – utterly useless. Similarly a nation without courage is useless too. It cannot survive too long. This is why the police and armies are formed and maintained to keep alive the nation.

It has been stated in earlier books too: If one visualizes the constellations as a human body, the Sun is the body and the soul while the moon is the mind. When the two come together to form the human being, the protector they need is Mars. Irrespective of whether a man has strength like an elephant, he needs the knowledge of how, when, where and why to use it. Mercury is representative of intellect but that is raw intellect. That intellect is not refined. Once that intelligence becomes knowledge, it signifies the presence of Jupiter and the person uses his knowledge to work. Tired with work, contented with his achievement, the man wants to rest and relax and enjoy the finger things in life, and there comes in Venus. Thus he comes to the end of his days and those are ruled by Saturn. In all these states, the power that a man has is what Mars’ role is and that is what is discussed in this book.


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