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Mars and Mercury: Basic of Astrology, Chapter I, Part - 11


Dr. Shanker Adawal


The horoscope is not complete without a table of aspects formed by the different planets in the horoscope. And this is called “Speculum”. In order to calculate the speculum, we have to consider the planets one by one, and count how many degrees each is apart from the others. The distance then calculated, if they correspond to any of the aspects are said to be formed.

However, the difference in longitudes of planets may not be necessarily 30o , 45o , 60o , 90o , or 120o . They may vary by a few degrees. Therefore, a margin of 7o is generally known as the “ORB” of influence.


In the Indian system of Astrology, besides the effects of signs and planets, the house positions have also been taken into consideration. These houses are known as the Bhavas.

It is already known that there are twelve houses comprised by the twelve signs. The sun remains in one sign for about a month in the horoscopes of all persons born during a month. And while in that sign he exerts an influence peculiar to his tenanting that particular sign.

Various planets, including the Sun and the Moon make different angles with the Eastern horizon as viewed from the place of birth. And this angle determines the house position of a planet.

Each house represents some part of the human body, relationships, friends, financial positions and other departments of life. And to diagnose a horoscope we have to take into consideration the planet owning the house and the planets occupying or aspecting the house.

When different signs rise in the eastern horizon, the subsequent signs comprise subsequent signs comprise subsequent houses. Thus if Libra is the rising sign, Capricorn constructs the 4th house. Similarly if Leo is the rising sign, the fifth house will be Sagittarius. Then Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius will be the lord of the fifth house.

The Sun and the Moon are the lords of one house each, as they own one sign each, but Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are the lords of two houses each, because each of them own two signs.

Rahu and Ketu never become the lords of any house as they do not own any sign.


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