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Mars and Mercury: Basic of Astrology, Chapter I, Part - 13


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Planets placed in certain particular positions which have remarkable effects on their natives are called the “YOGA”. Some of the special Yogas are described below:-

Raja Yoga

When the lords of the Ninth house and Tenth house are situated in one another’s house or are in conjunction with each other in either of the above houses, they produce “Raja Yoga” – good luck in all undertakings.

Kesari Yoga

When moon is in “Kendra” position to Jupiter, the effects produce “Kesari Yoga”, and the native is blessed with a keen intellect, and a capacity to speak in large assemblies. He will occupy high position and amass fame.

Lakshmi Yoga

When Venus and the lord of the Ninth house is in 5th, 9th or in position of “Kendra” and at the same time in his own place, “LAKSHMI YOGA” is produced. The native will be blessed with a luxurious life, happy family, health, wealth and all the other comforts of life.

Saraswathi Yoga

Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in the position of Kendra or Trikona or in the 2nd house while Jupiter occupies his own house, the effect produced is “Saraswathi Yoga”. The native will be blessed with a keen intellect, and wisdom. He will be a scholar, good in poetry and mathematics. He will also amass wealth and enjoy a happy family life.

Ruchaka Yoga

When Mars occupies his own place and in the aspect of trine to the Lagna, the native will enjoy the effects of Ruchaka Yoga. He will be blessed with wealth, fame and victory.

Hamsa Yoga

When Jupiter is placed in his own and in the aspect of trine to the Lagna the effect is “Hamsa Yoga”. The native will enjoy great prominence in society, admiration, and a commandeering position. He will be envied even by his enemies. He will possess a beautiful body and a charitable mind.

Bhadra Yoga

When Mercury is placed in his own house, and is in the aspect of time to the Lagna, the effects are Bhadra Yoga. The native will enjoy-long life, keen intellect, wealth and prominence in society. He will be a good speaker in the assemblies.


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