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e) Indira Gandhi was PM of India first term from 19.1.1966 to 24.3.1977 and second term from 14.1.80 to 31.10.84. On 19.1.66 dasha scheme operative was and on 14.1.80 dasha scheme was. In both the cases D/AD/PD was of the planets mentioned above.

2 Transit and Political success:

a) On 19.1.66 – transited Taurus on natal (6L/9L) in 11Hand its OH in Aquarius aspected natal 10H and 10L. Prior to this when retrograde it aspected Lagna and LL also. This double aspect of and on Lagna/LL and 10H/10L resulted in its auspicious fructification.

b) Both and in transit aspected 5H/5L and both representing state honours.

D1 Chart (with transit on 19.1.66 in grey):

D1 Chart (with transit on 14.1.80 in grey):

c) On 14.1.80 – and were in Leo – transiting natal Mars (5L/10L) and trine to Lagna. In Leo has 6 bindus in its BAV. SatR was in Virgo (has 5 bindus in its natal BAV in Virgo) and from previous house transited over. Was in Sagittarius over natal (4L/11L) – gain of crown.

d) Thus the various transit parameters confirm the political success and achievement of crown.

3 Ashatakvarga and Political Success:

a) All the houses connected with political success – 4H, 9H, 10H and 11H have SAV bindus higher than 30.

b) (SP of x bindu in 10th from it in its BAV) = 211 x 2 = 422

c) 422/27 gives R=17 and nakshatra trine being Anuradha, U. Bhadra and Pushya ruled by.

d) 422/12 gives R=2 being Taurus. 5 was transiting Taurus on 19.1.66.

e) and were also the D/AD/PD Lords at the beginning of her terms as PM of India.

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