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I. Travels:
a) with 2-3 bindus in 10H or connected to 10L – lives/travels in foreign countries.
b) with 2-3 bindus in 2H and conj. Or aspected by 2L – frequent pilgrimages.

II. Penury and sorrows:
a) with 2-3 bindus in 2H and 2L powerless – always commit sinful acts and all RYs become defunct.
b) as LL or 12L in OH with 4 bindus and malefics in trines – begging for daily food.
c) as LL or 8L combust and malefics in trine – always suffer from sorrows.
d) 8L from Lagna or combust or in EH devoid of benefic aspects – beggar throughout life. However, if such 8Lis with 5 or more bindus and strong and benefic in 8H, the native leads a happy life.
e) with 4-6 bindus in Lagna – leads a life of sorrow, worries, financial upsets etc. from birth.
f) with 4 bindus in OH in 2H or 12H and malefics are in Kendra or Tikona gives a life of beggary.
g) 8L weak and with 4 bindus in ‘s AV posited in Aries and Capricorn – native is poor and suffers from gout or rheumatism.

III. Sign with min. bindu in ‘s BAV – when this sign rises everyday he feels troubles & when transit in that sign whole month is troublesome.
IV. Totla of bindus in ‘s BAV from Lagna to from to Lagna and sum of these both gives three points of age of troubles – disease, misfortune, mental affliction, financial losses etc. If the beginning or end of a Dasha coincides with age given by above three figures, death or great misfortune is likely.

V. transit over R – from Ashwini onwards of (S.P. of x Bindu in 8H from Lag. In ‘s BAV) X 1/27; - death of native; Q – age of native.

1 SP of SAV by Mandala Shodhan of SAV – by removing multiples of 12 and retaining 12 or points less than 12 and carryout both reductions and calculate SP of SAV and similarly for SP of SAV Rekha (56-SAV).

2 (S.P. of SAV) x (SAV of Bhava) x 1/27; R – from Ash. Or trine; x 1/12; R – from Aries
– ‘s transit evil regard to Bhava; benefic transit good for that Bhava.

3 (SP of Rekha SAV) X (Rekha SAV of Bhava) x 1/27 or 1/12; R -; ‘s transit over R – good for that Bhava.

4 Longevity (SAV Method): {(SP of SAV) x 7}/27. If Quotient (Q)
a) Q > 100 take (Q-100)
b) Q < 100 take Q
c) Q or (Q-100) x 324/365 gives age in Solar years.

XI Timing – Vimshottari – D/AD:
1 Main Period (Dasha):

a) DL give according to promise in natal chart.

b) DL in Bhava with SAV > 28; BAV> 4 – favorable.

c) KL of DL contributed bindu to DL in DL’s BAV – intrinsic goodness.

2 Sub-Period (AD):

a) ADL give according to promise in naval chart.

b) ADL in Bhava with SAV > 28; BAV> 4 – favorable (otherwise some obstacle).

c) KL of ADL contributed bindu to DL in DL’s BAV – intrinsic goodness. The mutual auspiciousness is enhanced if DL contribute a bindu to ADL in ADL’s AV.

d) The AD of a planet associated with 4 or more bindus in BAV of Dasha Lord give auspicious results signified by:

i) The Bhava owned by ADL

ii) The Bhava occupied by ADL, and

iii) The Bhavas whose lords has contributed a bindu in the sign of ADL, in DL’s BAV.

iv) Higher bindus reduce the effecs of 6/8/12H placement.

v) If both the lords of a planet are associated with high bindus, the vitality of ADL is enhanced.

vi) Inauspicious of above if ADL has less bindu (1-3) in DL’s BAV. Lesser bindu may reduce RY and other favourable trends.

e) ADL has given a bindu in DL’s BAV to DL – good period (no 6/8 or 2/12 relation)


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