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XIV Transit results in the light of Ashtak Varga (Prashnamarga):

1 Factors for transit results:

a) The Ashtak Varga (BAV) of transiting planet.

b) The malefic or benefic nature of place transited.

c) Sign with less bindu will reduce the otherwise good disposition in BH and vice versa.

Variations in AV Reductions and Software
I Shodhaya Pinda (S.P.):
1 Tikona Sodhan:
i) In the BAV of the following groups of signs:
a) Fiery: 1,5,9
b) Earthy: 2,6,10
c) Airy: 3,7,11
d) Watery: 4,8,l2

2) Subtract smallest or equal from all the three in a group*.
3) If there are zeroes in the two make third one also zero sign.
4) If zero in one trinal no reduction*.
*This is Parashar’s view accepted in North India; c.f. Mantreshwar, Balbhadra of Hora Ratna & Jatak Parijat that says make all equal to the smallest in the trinal group accepted in S. India.

2 Ekadhipatya Sodhan:
a) No Ekadhipatya Sodhan for:
i) & i.e. for Leo & Cancer.
i) Planets in both signs owned by one planet.
i) 0 in one of the signs owned by a planet.

3 In case of others following result is taken*:
*This is Parashar’s view as prevalent in N. India. In S. India smallest of a or b is retained as proposed by Mantreshwar and Balbhadra.

II Software and Reductions:
1 FP Leo Palm:

(a) It follows, bye and large, the system given above for Tikone and E-Reductions. However there are some unexplained variation.

2 Parashar light:

(a) It follows the Tikona Reductions as above but part deviation in E-Reduction. When there is a planet in one sign it takes b-(b-a) and no change in bindu for signs without planet.
(b) It gives small deviations in Shodhya Pinda.
© Prastarak, BAV and Tikona are same. Therefore, overall results may have small deviation.


(a) Tikona Reductions are same.
(b) In E reduction, when there is planet one sign and b>a (bindu in sign with planet) than a-b i.e. bindu is increased. There is no support in classics or in commentaries.
(c) It gives widely different SP and subsequent analysis would be off mark. Therefore, user to keep this in mind.


(a) It has facility for Parashar and Varamihirs bindu values and Jatak Parijat and Parashar’s order. But no SP calculations. Permutation and combinations needs study before use.

(b) Whole horoscope has to be printed. It is DOS based software.
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